The Non-Aggression Principle and Why is Doesn’t Work in the Real World



Non-aggression doesn’t work in the real world, those that use aggression rule now just like they ruled all through history.  Those radicals that use terror to effect change always end up ruling, so why are thought leaders like Larken Rose and David Icke preaching non-violence?


Non-aggression doesn’t work in the real world, those that use aggression rule now just like they ruled all through history.  Those radicals that use terror to effect change always end up ruling, so why are thought leaders like Larken Rose and David Icke preaching non-violence?

Larken Rose says Hitler is an evil bastard in his latest video Choosing Sides, it was posted at the popular David Icke website on March 2nd, 2014.

Larken a thought leader has made some good videos explaining to us how we all got it wrong, how voting is the most evil thing you can do.  His Message to the Voting Cattle’ was considered one of the best rants of all time.

High Moral Standards and Idealism

We all stand amazed at Larken Rose’s razer sharp logic, he has brought to the mass consciousness the Libertarian principles of non aggression.  But is it practicle in the real world?

You know, you’re right Larken … except in the real world the non-aggression principle doesn’t work when you are surrounded by aggressors.  Pro-active revolutionaries who have no problem with aggression will absorb and enslave those practicing the high moral standards of passivism and make them slaves.  The genocide of Palestine is proof that doing nothing means you will be wiped off the planet.

Take a look at what is going down in Ukraine, and compare that to the idealistic principles of non-aggression.  Jews are secretly aggressing in the Ukraine, slowly subverting and taking over, surreptitiously changing things until Ukraine becomes part of a larger Jewish financial empire often mislabeled as the New World Order.  Everyone can now see that the West is secretly aggressing in Ukraine, and putting Jewish puppets into power.

Eventually the overthrow comes, the democratically elected leader flees for his life, Ukraine falls in a staged coup.  Putin acts, and sends the military in to assert the will the Russian state.  They know what will happen if they let Ukraine go, they are slowly being surrounded.  They acted passively until reality of self preservation asserted itself.  Putin must take Ukraine or Russia will disappear, and that was the secret plan of the Jewish gang all along.

The Jews have this passive-aggressive behavior pattern, they aggress then accuse the reaction as the act of aggression, they can pull off this stunt by their control the media and thus their control of perception.  Most people think Putin is the aggressor in the current crisis in Ukraine.

The real aggressors are the Jews who never leave anyone alone, they are the real bastards.  The West is controlled by Jews, and the Jewish propaganda machine is calling Putin an aggressor when he is defending his homeland from a hostile Jewish takeover.  The subversion of the US State Department forced the Russian bear to come out of hibernation.

It is now admitted that the United States and Israel are behind this faux revolution, that over the last 20 years they have secretly spent 5 billion to undermine Ukraine.

The Non-Aggression Principle vs. The Real World

Wikipedia defines the non-aggression principle:

“any unsolicited actions of others that physically affect an individual’s property or person, no matter if the result of those actions is damaging, beneficial, or neutral to the owner, are considered violent or aggressive when they are against the owner’s free will and interfere with his right to self-determination and the principle of self-ownership

Larken also claims you can’t blame the Jews, he says ‘individuals do bad things’ and taking a whole group and blaming the Jews is dumb because the Jews never did anything as a group.  But Larken is wrong, the Jews are a group, they are a tribe who act in unison like the Borg.  All believing, practicing Jews psychically support the group, all Jews support the leadership of Bibi Netanyahu if they are true to the text of their forefathers.

The fact that this video makes it to the front page of David Icke’s website is one of our complaints that he is running gatekeeping, covering for the Jews.  It is the Jews and David Icke either doesn’t get it, or he is secretly Jewish or in their employment.

Maybe David Icke and Larken Rose don’t understand how the Jews operate, perhaps they are naive to Jewish ways, or maybe they are just plain ‘ole gatekeepers running cover for the tribe.  I don’t know but I suspect both.  They don’t get it, the Jews are not interested in peace with you because the are supremacists, they will not stop because their belief system makes them aggressors.

The Jewish Bible is a Subversive War Making Document

The Jewish holy book contains a conversation between God and the tribe, he tells them to aggress against their enemies. Verse after verse proves that Yahweh advocates violence.  So anyone that claims Judaism is a wonderful religion simply doesn’t understand the true nature of this thought system.

The Jewish God is considered a war god, he tells his people to kill and since he advocates total war he is considered a psychopathic entity.  I consider the Holy Bible and related books to be subversive Jewish literature.

Since Yahweh isn’t real, what we rationalists conclude is that the Jewish holy book is an instruction manual on how to wage war.  Yahweh is how the Rabbi gets authority and commands the tribe.  With ‘god’ the people obey and fall into line and do the will of the Rabbinic leadership.

The Secret Jewish War on Everyone

What David Icke, Alex Jones, Larken Rose and many,many others who are considered thought leaders or rebels are missing from their theories about the hidden elite is the Jewish factor.  They fail to mention the obvious Jewish system being imposed on us, they fail to bring to light that we are all being preyed upon by a tribal supremacists, they never mention that the conspiracy is Jewish.

Maybe it’s fear of censorship, or the cultural climate of political correctness, whatever it is they are off in their theories of what is really going on.  It is the Jews and it is their holy books and the reason they are winning and taking the world by storm is because they have no problem aggressing.

Jewish radicals took Palestine from the British by blowing shit up.  That is history.  Radicalism won the day, just as an armed response to the federal land grab in Nevada.  Guns win because in a power struggle those that apply the greater force win.  Being passive is a death sentence, at least when you stand up for yourself and principle of having the right to exist you might win vs. doing nothing which is a sure defeat.

The Jew understands this well, they act in aggression yet instruct you to do nothing, turn the other cheek, be a sheep, behave passively, do not resist.  The Jews who control the system actively teach you non-aggression so that they can freely aggress.

Fight or Perish

Passivist thought leaders are taking the Ghandi approach, are they right or are they herding potential activists into non-aggressive action?  I am very suspicious that David Icke, operating in London center of British Israelism, is a paid actor reading a script.

Larkin Rose’s latest video underscores three point, that Hitler was evil, itt’s not the Jews and don’t take sides (stay divided with your own opinion), that the Holocaust is true.  All three points are the bread and butter of Jewish thought control, the core propaganda.  Hitler didn’t declare war on Jews, it was the Jews who declared war on him and Germany.  Hitler was defending Germany from Jewish aggression, and since all Jews are one thing, he had no choice but to deal with all Jews.

Hitler was evil from a Jewish viewpoint, just as Putin is now, both of these leaders thwarted the Jewish takeover of their countries, and they are models of what we must do to save our homelands from Jewish despotism.  Putin has the right of self defense, he has the right to defend his country from a hostile takeover.  A realist takes action for self preservation.


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