The Ins and Outs of Truth and Power



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John Kaminski once said that no one ever pays you to write truth.  That idea has stuck in my consciousness because it is a verifiable fact, no one is paying us to write on The Rebel while scientists who make up pure bullshit theories of Global Warming are being handsomely paid.  It seems that those that tell lies are very close to power.

Those that tell the truth are now considered terrorists according to the Jew run government.  It wasn’t always that way, at the start of the Republic, those that told truth held power and they tried to limit power.  But now the evil Jewish Supremacists have taken control of the state and truth is banished.  Talking truth to power is very dangerous, yet all it takes is one man to have a thought and that changes everything.

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So what are the ins and outs of truth and power?  There seems to be this endless struggle between the two.  Have you ever wondered how this interaction works? I am wondering that right now.  What if we are not so much material bodies having a physical experience, but more importantly a conscious experience?  What if war on the material plane is really about the domination of psychic space?

Since all it takes is one truth teller to completely overturn the entire system in the material, this seems to indicate that consciousness is primal.  If all it takes is one, then be that one, be Neo.  Believe in that, believe in yourself for a change.  Because it is you doing the magic when you believe and think and write.

Welcome to the Universe, where the quest for power and the yearning for truth intertwine.  Most of the time those in power disdain truth although every once in awhile truth and power are married as they were for a short time during the American Revolution.  But the marriage never lasts.  Why?  Because power demands lies, the bigger the lies the greater the power achieved.  Since we are living in an empire, the lies are off the scale.

Those seeking power seem to understand this, 911 was a murderous false flag and the official account a whopping lie.  In order to get extreme levels of political power the establishment must create extreme lies.  The extreme level of pathological lying is now being exposed, like the forever enshrined Sandy Hook Hoax meme.

The Jew run state tightened its grip around the throat of America and has taken much power, created whole new departments of repression like DHS which exists in a continuous lie of external and now an internal terrorist threat.  Every DHS drill is an assault on the freedoms and liberties of the American people, the only real terror threat to the American people is the DHS itself.

Those that tell the truth are a threat to the existence of such organizations.  Peoples careers in the Department of Jewish Terror are now riding on no one being able to expose the Jew lies of 911.  If 911 truth be told then all DHS employees are subject to courts martial and execution for treason.

But there are bigger lies than 911 and what the DHS is up to, like the Federal Reserve fiat money scam or the Holocaust fable used to extort billions by inducing guilt in Germans and White Europeans.  The biggest lies of all are myths your were taught like the solar (Jesus) savior myth. No one needs to be saved, your soul is not being threatened by eternal separation from the godhead.  That is an impossibility but the myth persists.  Why?

Because the biggest lie of all time is the God meme itself.  We got “god” all wrong explains Steven Norquist who recently experienced enlightenment and possibly came up with the best observation yet. He says in his essays that enlightenment is achieved when truth becomes obvious. That is extremely simple when compared to the volumes written explaining enlightenment.

“The very nature of existence implies consciousness. One cannot exist without the other.

There can never be a universe that does not involve consciousness. There are no universes or dimensions where there is no consciousness. Matter and form would never arise without consciousness.

Universe/consciousness, mind/matter, wave/particle – call it what you will – the reality is that the manifestation, the very appearance we call the universe, is consciousness.

Now don’t mistake me here: there is no observer. There are no persons in existence experiencing the universe.

But more than that, there is no Ultimate Person, God, Mind, or anything else observing the universe. There is only the experience of the universe being there with no experiencer. ”

What he is saying is that there is no god out there, only consciousness, and in fact there is no ‘you’. The great illusion is that you are a separate being observing the Universe and all of the stuff happening around you. He makes the point over and over that there is only the experience and no experiencer, that is, there is no ‘you’ making the observation of the experience.

I think there is a ‘you’.  I think I exist as a separate package of consciousness, I exist because I can think separately from the group.  In fact individual thoughts can change the system, we see that extraordinary people changing the whole all of the time.

So back to truth vs. power, there is this new meme that has emerged since 911, it is often said that we truth writers need to ‘speak truth to power’. Apparently those in power, who seem to have everything, lack truth. In fact they may even lack real power, since they are willing to do anything to get it. That is sure interesting because it explains the use of trolls who must now do the dirty work of the state because the mainstream media has lost its effect on controlling our minds.

The person who owns truth has something that those in power lack and obviously fear, because they are making threats against the conspiracy theorists who are figuring out the schemes of these immoral power brokers.  Thus to counter internet truth, which will eventually reveal all the lies used to get and hold power, the state has unleashed an army of internet trolls.  Trolls aren’t that effective because on a one to one basis all you have to do is tell truth and the troll is easily defeated.  All those listening in can see the truth.  The lie only works when you passively absorb information and doesn’t work when you are actively pursuing truth on the internet.

So we can draw a gigantic insight about what is really going on, that truth actually triumphs power by the simple act of telling it.  All you have to do is unleash it into human consciousness.


If the lie is overturned, the power over us is broken and we are freed.  Thus the infamous line the truth shall set you free.  Thus the truth is the mortal enemy of state.

If we contrast truth vs. power, on how the two seemed intertwined in a play of duality. In my essays I have been making one point over and over, that religion is about getting power, and in some essays I point out that power is gotten through the lie. Now that is sure interesting, because what that implies that without lies there would be no political power. I also point out that Church and State are married, that they are in a symbiotic relationship. And we know that Christianity is married to Judaism, joined at the hip.

So power comes into this world by the telling of lies, and the lies have been so great that much power has been obtained at the detriment to life itself. We are in a lying to get power crisis, it is so bad that we seem to be teetering on economic collapse.  So the reason the truth tellers are being attacked by those troll minions is that defending the power structure means you must defend the lie at all cost.

And they attack my essays because they can see that truth overturns power.  Studying the Bible is Jewish indoctrination for gentiles. Christian Identity is Bible Identity which is Jewish identity.

truth vs. CI

So isn’t it logical that eventually as Christian consciousness evolved and changed that an inevitable variant would emerge of Christian Identity?  Wikipedia on CI:

“In many variations of Christian Identity thought, a key commonality is British Israelism, which teaches that many white Europeans are the literal descendants of the Israelites through the ten tribes which were taken away into captivity by the armies of Assyria. Christian Identity asserts that these white European Israelites are still God’s chosen people, that Jesus was an Israelite of the tribe of Judah, and that modern Jews are not at all Israelites nor Hebrews, but are instead descended from people with TurcoMongolian blood, or Khazars, or are descendants of the biblical Esau-Edom, who traded his birthright for a bowl of red stew”

If you view our existence as an expression of consciousness, with no observer but only the experiencer then it becomes quite clear why CI exists.  The God concept fell on 911, most Americans think America is special, a special place ordained and protected by God almighty.  911 blew that myth into a cloud of thermite residue laced dust.  The Jewish authorities desperately need to re-establish authority in your mind, they are making an offer, you to can be the one true Jew.  Be very suspect of anyone promoting Christian Identity, they are most certainly working for Mr. Jew.  There is no external god, there is no god choosing favorites, and those that promote these concepts are trying to enslave you with more Bible bullshit.

Israel did more than bring down the towers on 911, it inadvertently destroyed itself and Christianity in the process.  CI is the vain attempt by those masters of consciousness in trying to cage the truth lions unleashed.   The Jewish movement in history is now terminal, Judaism is intellectually defeated as primitive racism, and modern society will eventually outlaw it just as the Romans did in the first century.

israel did 911 google it unleash

Now you have to understand that 911 blew up more than the Trade Towers and Liberty, 911 blew up the God meme itself.  God is no longer palatable because everyone can now see that religion causes extremism, even if you buy the official version of 911 you can clearly see that religious extremism is a threat to civilization.  But God was used to establish the authority of the state, so without God the state is finished and without God there is no Israel.

The real twin towers of power, the God Meme and State Authority evaporated in clouds of dust on 911.  We are now in a new realm, the next kingdom.


Here is the bottom line, 911 accelerated societies drive for truth, as truth is told and the lies of state overturned then civilization will fall because our Jewish run civilization is based on nothing but lies.

The great shift in consciousness that everyone was expecting in is happening right now, it is a shift of the mass consciousness out of the lie and into reality.  That is the Apocalypse and Enlightenment, the two are one in the same, and when it happens truth will once again join power in a wonderful marriage ceremony of another Revolutionary War.  We are approaching a nexus in time, where for a short while truth and power will coexist as one in the same thing.



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