Ayn Rand: The Great Intellectual Destroyer of Judaism


Statue of Individual Liberty

Ayn Rand is the great intellectual destroyer of Judaism yet nobody knows it yet.  Why?  She destroyed collectivism and by destroying collectivism she destroyed Communism, and by destroying Communism she inadvertently and unconsciously destroyed Judaism.

individual vs. the tank + ayn rand quote

She never knew that, having died in 1982 know one knew at that time that Communism was a political form of Judaism.  Only now, in the age of the internet, have human minds been able to put together the mystery of Bolshevism and see it for what it it really is, a form of Judaic collectivism.

Yes, it is true, little Ayn Rand born a Russian Jew, with a feisty passion of her individual spirit is the intellectual destroyer of Jewish tribalism.  No wonder Zionists fear her so much they have embraced her and turned her ideas upside down.  They secretly know what she has done, she has destroyed the very basis of racist tribal Israel.   How many Jews are secretly reading Atlas Shrugged while slaving away in a Kibbutz commune in Israel?

Zionism and Ayn Rand

Contrary to her Zionist supporters, Ayn Rand’s is the greatest intellectual destroyer of Judaism. Her support of Israel was only relative to the Arabs, she said in an interview in 1979 that Israel was advanced technologically compared to the primitive unchanging Arabs.  She always supported and championed  technological achievement.

She was the world’s number one anti-racist, anti-tradition, anti-establishment writer of the 20th Century.  She single-handedly destroyed the very basis of Jewish traditions by completely obliterating the very basis of collectivism:  racism, tribalism, ethnocentrism – all three the cornerstones of modern Israel.

Rachel Corrie, an individual who defended an oppressed minority against the Jewish behemoth state.

Rachel Corrie, an individual who defended an oppressed minority against the Jewish behemoth state acting in the collective interest of Israel.

After Israel is bombed into ruins by an enraged world over Jews and their ways, I say we erect a huge colossus of Ayn Rand on the smoking rubble, and the spot I suggest is Dome of the Rock.  A new statue of individual liberty with Ayn Rand’s face, her outstretched arm holding a copy of Atlas Shrugged and her foot on the throat of Bibi Netanyahu who has a reptialian snake body.

Ayn Rand has generated much animosity to her detractors, she has her faults and was born Jewish, a Russian emigre.  She is consider one of the great intellects of the last century, as an atheist she despised organized religion, her philosophy has turned many a Christian away from faith and toward reason, she turned many a sheep (like myself) into a radical thinking human being.  Ayn Rand has had a controversial effect on nearly everyone, some love her, some hate her. Ayn Rand remains to this day a mixed bag of some good ideas mixed in with Jewish radicalism.


Rand’s ideas are still held high in the Republican party and in the movie Wall Street Gordon Gekko’s infamous line “greed is good” is a modern meme used to mock Wall Street excess.  Ayn Rand has an enduring legacy, her book sales still are in hundreds of thousands per year and top Amazon’s charts.

She wrote that “racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” which in a nutshell is a totally damning indictment of traditional Jewish racial tribalism.  Ayn Rand mercilessly attacked collectivism, she invented this meme so we could all see that all ‘isms’ were schemes where the individual was sacrificed to the state.  If she had a major fault it is that she didn’t name the Jews as the creator of all the ‘isms’ since she actually lived through the Russian Revolution in St. Petersburg.

Unfortunately her movement is now hijacked by Zionist crazies and Republican swindlers because she also championed individual selfishness and greed.   Such ideology has found a home with wall street tycoons and capitalists everywhere who want to produce endless streams of consumer crap and keep the game of servicing Jewish bank debt going on forever.

White Nationalist View of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is particularly detested by traditional Christians like Collin MacGregor, his critique,The Jewish Insanity of Ayn Rand”, is one of the best treatise on her from a White Nationalist viewpoint:

“When Ayn Rand died a few years ago, decent Christians everywhere should have marked her passing with thankful joy. She was an enemy of Christianity and her philosophy remains an enemy to all that Christianity historically connotes.”

“Randism is entirely materialistic—centered solidly upon get and gain with no room left for anything spiritual—so we might as well know of the ground on which we stand. Summarily: Economic materialism is the life attitude of one whose prime motive is that of amassing money and/or the various material properties that money will buy. All idea of value is bluntly and solely equated with the dollar. This naturally rules out all super-personal values such as race.”

“In my opinion the body of her work consists simply of a perpetual harangue concerning a few central points. One such is this dichotomy: “mysticism-altruism-collectivism VS. reason-individualism-capitalism.” She tries valiantly to confuse the reader concerning definitions of these “isms.” She nearly succeeded with me. She is never exact but hints are scattered throughout such “non-fiction” books as The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.”

“Throughout her gloomy literate meanderings Rand prates about some literally fantastic battle between capitalism and collectivism. Sometimes collectivism is called communism. Sometimes socialism. (Significantly no contextual line of demarcation is drawn between Free Enterprise and International Finance Capitalism. She is careful not to elucidate their vital differences. Always the Jew.) Of course no mention is made of the fact that both international finance and international socialism are Jewish in origin and control. Rothschild, Kuhn, Loeb, Warburg, Marx, Engels, their modern counterparts and the biological connection therein are common knowledge to most readers of this publication.”

“This knowledge may not be so common among Rand’s great mass of readers and she certainly doesn’t make any move to enlighten them on the point. Why confuse people with facts? To get back to the question of dichotomy, a formula better equipped to assist the Christian might be: “Zionism-capitalism-communism VS. Race-Christianity-Unity.” There is no confusion here. Of course an action promoting understanding of this new dichotomy would herald a speedy demise of Randism.”

“As might be supposed, Ayn Rand is nearly idolatrous when it comes to something called individualism.”

“But to Ayan Rand, individualism is something else again. A Jew can’t help but be a Jew. The ideal “individualist” must be an international capitalist or, an the very least, a businessman.”

Ayn Rand as a Controversial Cult Leader

Did you know that Libertarians and Randians, nearly identical, are mortal enemies.  Washington’s Blog has an excellent review on this relationship, he writes in Ayn Rand Was Not a Libertarian:

Rand also disagreed with libertarians on foreign policy.  For example, most libertarians – including Ron Paul – oppose military intervention against Iran, while the Ayn Rand Institute has supported forceful intervention in Iran.

Murray Rothbard – founder of modern libertarianism, chief academic officer of leading libertarian think tank the Mises Institute, and one of the most important thinkers in the Austrian School of Economics – argued in 1972 that Rand was a champion for her own aggrandizement, not for liberty or reason.


When polled by Libertarians, on which book had the greatest impact of personal philosophy, Atlas Shrugged comes in number one or two with the Bible as the most influential book.  Ayn Rand will continue to have widespread influence, The Fountainhead was made twice and this year the 3rd part of Atlas Shrugged movie will be released.

Is Ayn Rand just another outspoken Jew who radicalized society with her ideas?  Yes.  Did she have some good insights and ideas for us to understand our situation?  Yes.  Will she remain controversial?  Yes.

Will her movement of Objectivism continue to be hijacked by radical elements who want to use her ideas for their own ends?  Yes.  What will be her legacy?  That the individual is what matters in progress and that the collective is the greatest source of tyranny.

But her real achievement has yet to be realized, she destroyed the basis of the modern state, she brought to the world the concept  of collectivism and what it really means.  Now that we know that Communism is Judaism, that Zionism is the political movement of Judaism, that Judaism is tribal racism and a form of collectivism, she is the intellectual destroyer of the Collectivist State of Israel.

Ayn Rand remains to this day the greatest champion of the individual, so if you care about individual liberty over wishes of the Jewish controlled collective called the state, then read Ayn Rand and come to your own conclusions.


This essay is part two of a series of essays that will all follow one another logic to a very specific end conclusion that Judaism must be completely destroyed and wiped from planet earth if the human specie wishes to survive and prosper.

This particular essay I am bringing forth the ghost of Ayn Rand and showing that Judaism is the greatest source of world evil because it is the practice pure collectivism, where any act is justified in the name of the greater good.




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    After one year, here I am again. Email-me son of a (marvelous) sunshine beach!

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