Anarchy vs. the Jew



What I am going to prove in this essay that anarchy vs. the state is really anarchy vs. Jewish supremacism or self rule vs. the Jew.   This becomes obvious once you realize that the state is externalization of the collective Jewish egoic mind.

eckhart-tolle quote

I will prove that this Jewish behavior is what is at odds with the non-aggression principle.  When you get done reading and comprehending this essay I believe that you will gain full consciousness and come out of the Jewish Bible spell that possesses your mind and join me in demanding that the Jew and his books be removed from planet  Earth!

Anarchists or Jewish Statist, Which One Are You?

In the previous two essays I have outlined that Communism is Judaism and that Ayn Rand unknowingly destroyed Israel by destroying collectivism as the greatest threat to individual liberty and human progress.

Unfortunately Ms. Rand couldn’t come to grips with her own internal Jewish soul and condemn Israel as the ultimate collectivist individual rights violator.  She exposed to the world the collectivist mentality but failed to justify it within her own Jewish self.  Her ultimate failing was that she endorsed the state, when her own work pointed to the inevitable conclusion that the only moral system is anarchy or no state, no official group with the ability to coerce the individual with force.

There are some Christians and Jews who are anarchists, but then they really aren’t Christian or Jewish if they don’t believe in the authority of the Bible or Torah Law.   An anarchist may believe in many things, except can NOT believe in one thing, the law.  No true Jew is an anarchist.

Biblical Authority

So to clarify what a Jew really is, not a race, not a religion, but someone that believes in the authority of Jewish books.  This is not a race issue like some keep asserting, it’s the memes not the genes.  Anyone can be a Jew, all it takes is belief in the Jewish-law-God-authority memes.  Christians, for all intensive purposes, are Jews because they believe in the authority of Jewish scriptures.  Just as Charles Giuliani says, Christians are Judaised Gentiles, and just so you don’t forget, Jesus endorsed the scriptures and the law.

Christians are the bedrock of Jewish rule, Christians are psychically supporting Jewish scriptures and allowing the Jewish rule of law in their lands.  In fact, this is why the tiny minority of Jewish psychopaths were able to take control of the western world, Christians were gentiles duped by the Jewish books and were unable to recognize the Jew as a threat.

Jewish thinking is supremacist thinking, the idea that some people have the right to rule over others.  Manifest Destiny, taking an entire continent from the Natives is a supremacist movement, the Bible was the first book that entered the circle of teepees.  The Bible is used to conquer others, all are destroyed in its path, just like the Ori in Stargate TV series.   The Jews ignore the genocide of the Native Americans while whining about their own fabricated one.  What will you do when you wake up from the Jew spells on you mind?  Hopefully you will find it within yourself to eradicate Judaism.

conquistadors priest bible landing craft

Proof of this Bible aggressiveness is that Christians vote en masse to extend their will and beliefs over the rest of the populace.   Bible memes spur the Christian to control others.  Voting is an act of supremacy because what you are doing is transferring your authority to the state which uses force against the individual.   The enlightened idea that men will never be free until religion is removed from politics was a major theme in the French and American Revolutions.


Want proof that you are living under religious legal persecution?  The war on marijuana and other psychotropic drugs.  Christians want to make damn sure you stay in Bible consciousness and are willing to jail anyone who tries to escape psychic dominance.  Twenty million American children went to prison during this War on Drugs which is really the war on Nature because we live during the insane times of Christian-Jewish rule, a religion that is at war with the natural world.

So if you are an atheist Jew then you might be an anarchist if you don’t believe in the supremacy of the state and the rule of law.  What I am driving at is that Jewish-Torah Law, that the entire western world labors under, is really externalization of the Jewish mind, it is Jewish statism.  The Torah-Bible must be banned because it is a subversive Jewish tribal war making document.

Once you realize that god is a meme invented by the priest to get authority, you then realize that no one really has any authority over another.  Take a look at the person beside you right now, do you have authority over them or they over you?    How can freedom exist when religious people are asserting control down to level of telling you you can wear, read, smoke, sleep.  Torah hell is so bad on planet earth that people have to get licensed to have a business, get a permit to fix their roof, pay a fee to take a shit.  Under Torah law, all normal activities have been commercialized.

Police power is another manifestation of Bible insanity.  The godless atheist asks, where did the police get all this authority when it is obvious they don’t have authority, they are aggressive criminal gang with a uniform, badge, and gun.  The police believe they have authority and it is a religious belief, International Cops for Christ says on their opening page:

“The Bible refers to the police as God’s ministers and God has granted awesome power to the police for the subduing of evil. This power includes arresting people and suspending their liberty, putting people in jail, starting civil and legal proceedings and the authority to use force, including deadly physical force, when necessary. Police officer, whether you are aware or not the bible declares that you are a minister of God. This is an awesome concept that the Creator of the universe has chosen you to be His minister to subdue the criminal element and protect society.”

Police are mentally evil bullies because they believe they have the right to initiate the use force against the individual when enforcing the ‘law’.   The marijuana arrest is a perfect example, a person in possession of a plant is not harming anyone else, but because there is a law that makes possession illegal, the police forcibly kidnaps and imprisons the violator of the ‘law’, often ruining that person for life with the stigmatization of a drug arrest.  The police view the marijuana war as fighting evil, marijuana is a plant, but a plant can not be evil, but those who believe in the Bible see it that way.

All police involved in marijuana arrests should should be immediately executed without mercy, they are the enemy of freedom.  We can no longer tolerate living amongst the Jew predator specie, the Jew book must be banned from the planet.  Anyone willing to enforce Jewish laws is a serious threat and a terror to the community.  Police have no right to enforce Jew law and we should eliminate the gene pool of these flawed individuals.  Make no mistake, police have bad DNA, no moral person would be caught dead as a police officer in this age, there are no good cops when you live in immoral times of Jewish rule.


Police violate the non-aggression principle , they are not working for the Universe or Nature, they are whored to the Jew and his law book.  The marijuana war is proof of their insanity, they are waging war on a plant specie.  Police are part of the criminal Jewish crime scheme, they are the destroyers of individual liberty because they work for the law, Jewish law, the Talmudic control of the goyim sheeple.

Make no mistake, the police are the enemy because the head of the state are Jews, and Judaism is a crime syndicate.  The Bible is not a good book, it is a book used to get power by establishing authority in the mind of intended victims, and you are a victim of Biblical programming if you think for one second we need authority.

How the Bible is used for political power is perfectly illustrated in the movie The Book of Eli.  In this post apocalypse movie the Bible had been banned and confiscated by society because it was regarded as the reason for the nuclear holocaust.  There remains only one copy left, and the local warlord will do anything to get it because he know that he can rule over a vast area, not just his town, if he gets it.  This movie perfectly illustrates that the Bible is about one main thing, getting political power.

The Jewish Bible is a subversive war making document.  The police are the front line troops the Jew is using to wage war on you.  Police are a standing army, they are now being trained in Israel to treat you like Palestinians and chattel.  All of this evil is coming straight out the Bible, the Bible is the source code of authoritarian evil, it contains the memes of Rabbinic class used to establish authority in the mass mind.

The Jewish holy book contains a conversation between God and the tribe, he tells them to aggress against their enemies. Verse after verse proves that Yahweh advocates violence.  So anyone that claims Judaism is a wonderful religion simply doesn’t understand the true nature of this thought system.  The Bible advocates the initiation of the use of force as a command of god almighty.  This is not the creator god, as people mistakenly assume, it is the superego of the collective will of the Neanderthal aggressors.  The police routinely violate the non-aggression principle routinely while they perform their duties, police initiate force as they enforce the criminal Jewish legal system.

The problem can be boiled down to a very simple principle, the Jew is an aggressor and will not leave the individual alone, the Jew behaves this way because the Jew is a parasite and is instructed by his self authored book to aggress against his neighbor.  The Bible is an instruction manual on how to get around the non-aggression principle, the Bible is the source of the problem, men live and die, but the tyranny of the Bible lives on.  Men will never be free until the last Rabbi is burned on a pyre of Torahs.

Totalitarianism is Jewish in Origin

What no one knows is that the totalitarian state is really totalitarian Jewish despotism.  Where did this idea of the total state come from?  It came from the same minds that wiped out the Native Americans, it came from the same mind that developed the nuclear bomb, it came from the same collectivist Jewish mind found in the Old Testament where the (fictional) Jewish god commands the Israelites to completely wipe out the other tribe, they are told to kill everything, including the dogs and be happy bashing the brains of the little ones against the rocks.

evil Bible preacher establishing authority in your mind

Like every other natural concept the Jew hates, what you think of anarchy is probably completely opposite of reality.  There is a reason why everything is upside down and backwards, the Jew and his thinking is un-natural, he is a parasite at war with Nature, and thus has inverted every concept 180 degrees from what it really is.  So if you want freedom it can not come from the state, which takes your personal authority then uses it against you.

Freedom comes when you own your own authority and reject the concept of external authority.  If you type the word anarchy into google this is what you get:


  a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority

This is an incorrect definition of anarchy, anarchy literally means without leader (an archy, no king).  But once again the Jew media has inverted the meaning so that anarchy means chaos.  So do think things would be complete mayhem or chaotic if we didn’t have leadership of thugs, criminals, liars, thieves, cheats, mass murderers, statists, or Jew whores sold out to the Israeli lobby?

Government creates chaos and mayhem, just look at the Middle East.  Even now the government debt spiral and terror war on us is going to create major chaos like never seen before.  Karma chaos is coming down the Albert Pike freeway to hell.  The police are now killing dogs and people and kids and not even being charged with murder, we are now at the point where justice has been suspended and under the rule of the gun.  The Jew predator laughs all the way to the bank while the Christian sheeple pray to Jesus for salvation.  The western world is completely insane.

The State is the Jewish State of Mind

Statism is Jewish aggression, total statism or totalitarianism is Talmudism.  There really is no difference between the state and how the Jew thinks, they are one in the same and this is why Jews flock to government service and are in service of the hive mind.

jewish black cube 666 montage text

When you want to understand the inner philosophy of Jewish teachings think of the A-bomb.  Everything vaporized, everything ruined, every living thing wiped out as one tribe asserts total supremacy over the other.  The Jew thinks in terms of total domination, anyone who resists this intense Jewish ego insanity is completely wiped out.

The Jewish wish for total domination is the source of totalitarianism and the Jewish-Communist state records proves it.  They did it in the Old Testament, they did it during the Bolshevik Revolution, they are doing it now in Iraq and Afghanistan with Predator drones firing Hellfire missiles from high above defenseless tribal villagers.

Predator from Hell Amerika

The fundamental precept of government is that some people have authority over others, in other words you have to have a supremacist viewpoint unless you join the government with the attitude of selfless service and the protection of human rights from external aggressors.  But with the Jews in control, the state turns protector of human rights into the biggest violator of life, liberty, and property.  Anarchy is the great enemy of organized Jewry, which is why it is denounced at every opportunity.

Statism is Jewish Aggression

The western world has been taken over by Jews, how did that happen, and so easily?  Why are Jews attracted to government?  Why is it that Jews, who only compose a small fraction of the population, always end up controlling the levers of power?  Because of religious beliefs, because the dominant religion of the west is indoctrination into Jewish thinking patterns, because Christianity is the Jewish possession of the mass mind.

The state can only exist if you believe in it, in order for you to believe you must be taught by those in church, state, and culture that something foreign to self has authority over you.  The Christian west believes in authority, they had no problem giving the reigns of the state to Jewish Senators like Uncle Joe Lieberman.  Once the Jews got complete control they turned on traditional Christianity, and now the Constitution is gone like toilet paper in a hurricane.


In order for the state to exist you must surrender autonomous authority to the collective, and since the Jew runs the show, by surrendering authority to the state in actuality you have surrendered to the Jew.  The Jew knows this and proclaimed victory when they erect the giant Menorah on the White House lawn every year.   The big Jewish penis is now in your face, so where’s you god Christian?

statist poster

All control is Jewish control, where every person is forced to bend a knee to the Lord.  There is no God demanding this subservience, only the Jew who is reading a self written book about his supremacy.  When you worship the ‘Lord’ you are really worshipping the Jewish power structure, which is evil, so any Christian demanding you worship the Lord is really demanding you to fall in line with Jewish power and evil.

We are making a serious mistake underestimating how well ordinary Jews understand what they are doing, many Jews are fully conscious that god is a fiction that Jewry is using to work the goyim over.

What know one on this planet yet understands is that the state is a projection of the Jewish collective mind, which is why all states have fallen into the collectivism trap including the United States which was specifically created with safe guards to prevent statist tyranny.  Why did this happen?  Because the main cultural religious organizations succumbed to Jewish statism.


The state is nothing more than a projection of the Jewish collective mind and will into the physical realm.  The ‘state’ is when group mind overrides the individual mind, the collective overrides individual decision making.  Everything the state does negates the individual, all the way down to your local city council that decides if you can collect rain water or permit your house.  Every minutia detail of your life is regulated under Jewish control just like they do in the practice of their religion.  The Jew is the ultimate control freak, freedom an anathema to Rabbi control.

Lenin was a genius when he said “While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State”.   Lenin had it right, freedom can not exist with the state, the state will  always take more and more power until freedom is gone.

And no one knows why the Jews end up infiltrating every level of government, they are Borg and gravitate into the hive mind of the state.  This is why they resented the German Reich, the Germans were doing what they wanted a monopoly on, the state organized around a tribe or group, and the Jew will only permit a Jewish controlled state.  Ghadaffi just learned that, Saddam learned that, Hitler learned that.  The state is a Jewish monopoly because the Jew invented it with his book.  Monopoly is the Talmudic game of Rabbinic control.  All for the Jew, none for you.

The Jews will not permit any other state unless it is a Jewish run state, they declared war on Germany because Hitler organized the German State around Germans.  They knew what he was doing, that is why they declared war on him long before Hitler did anything to the Jews.  And Hitler was right about dealing with all Jews, because they are ALL IN ON IT, they are a hive.  What we need to see is that anyone under the Bible spell is also in on it,  that road back to freedom is the opposite way to the road to church and belief.

If you want proof of the fabricated fairy tales we live under, take a look at how Abe Foxman and the ADL resist any other group from claiming a Holocaust.  The Jew wants a monopoly on suffering just as he wants a monopoly on everything in the commercial sector.  The Jew wants this “I am a victim” monopoly because it is his primary camouflage he hides behind while raping society.  The west is being mind controlled into believing that the Jews were the only victims of WW2.  Jewish deaths were insignificant to the totals, and a small fraction of German deaths, and don’t forget the Jews started WW2.  More Germans died in one night of the Dresden fire bombing than all of the Jews during WW2.

Thus we have this huge problem, on one hand there can be no moral form of government because the state will always negate the rights of individual, but without a nationalist state organized to protect us we are defenseless against Jewish state aggression.

The State Lies Because it is Based on Deception

Have you wondered why the government lies all of the time?  Why are politicians bald faced liars?  Why is lying universal to the political class?  To answer, consider what they state actually is, it is a parasite on the body politic.  The state produces no wealth, the state only steals wealth via taxes on the productive efforts of individuals.  Ayn Rand and others showed us that the true nature of the state.  What she did not do is connect it to Jewish thinking.

tyranny is the choice

Once a state is established, it grows.  Rarely does a government ever get smaller or less intrusive.  The state is a parasite that gorges itself on the nation, it only wants more power, more of your effort, more control.  One main reason for this is that the Jew is also a parasite, gets into government and then organizes the organs of state to take more.  It is perfectly natural for the Jew to take your rights because the Jew has inverted reality and made Nature and natural rights illegal.

The Jew is pathetic weakling who believes in crazy ideas.  If you ever meet one and actually talk to it, you will wonder why anyone would want to be one.  But the Jew has a secret weapon, he organizes the state to screw you out of everything based on the concept of external authority.  The Jew is a natural statist because he has a collectivist mind.

The state is an extension of the Jew mind, that is why the state kills and loots because as the state was infiltrated by Jews, it became the Jew.  The state is simply the externalization of the Jewish collective mind.  That is why the Jews line up to get government jobs and free load off state programs.  The Jew invents government grants as a way to legally steal public funds.  The Jew doesn’t believe in work or the idea that you have to do something to get something to eat, the Jew believes he deserves everything free because he is your superior.

Secular Jews get in this incredible fear state concerning the awakening goyim.  All people hate evil except for those who practice evil, this hatred toward all Jews stems from the association of non-practicing, non-believing, non-supremacist, non-statist Jews with those that read and believe the Torah and Talmud then act it out screwing the common man and his productive effort.

Jews live in their book, they live in an imagined past, much of which is false history, about a fictional people who were oppressed.   The ‘Jew’ is a modern invention.  Looking at the reality of Jewish rule, we can see that the Bible is a false narrative being used as a weapon of Jewish supremacists to establish guilt in their goyim victims.  The Holocaust is an extortion scheme of the predator Jew.

The entire world is being rapidly awakened to Jewish manipulation.  When the world figures out what the Jew has done, the next pogrom will be worldwide, and rightly so.  There is no way the rage will be contained when the world finds out that the Holocaust was a hoax and that Israel did 911.  Judaism must perish or the human specie is doomed.




3 thoughts on “Anarchy vs. the Jew

  1. paranova9

    great 666 picture… 6 pointed star, six sided cube. although, it’s missing the 6th planet!!! (but maybe that’s too much info).
    also check out “paper cube pattern”. and Kaaba

  2. marymary


    I discovered this too and the key to exodus from this rubbish dump of conglomerate madness. It is really a sick joke . What you said was excellent and commend you for speaking the truth. I walk the truth now but exodus is process. On the reverse side, The bible is actually both a tool of enslavement and escape. It has the keys for both. The sleeping conscience however cannot decipher. Yes, we live in a jewish world and all law is based on jewish bs.

    Great work. I will save the link , to show others.

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