Open Carry in the Now



Freedom is a state of mind, it is the state of being when you are able to do what you want, like own a gun.  We have freedom when we act as if we have freedom, because all we have is the now.  There is only the now, past and future are mental abstractions, illusionary quantities that keep the mind in past fictions and makes us worried about possible upcoming events.  The revolution is not in the future, the revolution is now, it is you when you act in the now and exercise your freedom.


There is power in the now, owning and carrying a gun is political power, and in fact all political power flows from the barrel of a gun.  Think about it, political consent is an illusion crafted by the criminal class.  Rule by consent through the process of elections is myth, the ruling class of psychopathic Jews control both parties, they also own all of the media and the whole media show is an epic farce of Jew lies.  An endless stream of Jewish psychopathy is spewing from every television in America.  Kill the Jewtube.

We are ruled by a Zionist entity that wants us all dead.  It has never been this bad in all of history, humanity is threatened with extinction by a violent racist tribe that controls the money and levers of power.  How do we take the power back?


The Jews make the laws and they are enforced by a hired gunman.  The state is the state of the Jew collective mind and thus the state is a criminal racket because it is Jewish collectivism and despotism.  The state is our enemy because the Jew is our enemy.  If you learn anything then understand that government laws is a form of Jewish collectivism, the mental outpicturing of the Jew books into the physical reality.  There is no god, there is no chosen Jew, there is no salvation at some future time point, there is no past Bible history, it is all a lie, a big fat Jew lie.  All there is, is the now.

This animal farm is run by Jews who control us with guns, they love guns.  The Jew uses extreme violence in order to rule, and in order to get free of this collectivistic nightmare of Talmudic control we must also and if we don’t then we will be slaves forever.  Violence directed directly at the Jew is the answer, those promoting passive resistance are working for the Jew or are deluded, power comes out of the barrel of the gun.

The Power is in the Now

If you wish to have freedom then I suggest you read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of the Now.  This book should be essential reading for all revolutionaries, it is an extremely insightful book and can be the basic philosophical manual of new American freedom fighter.

What is the central teaching of this book?  That all we have is the now, there is no past except a memory in your brain, there is no future, except and expectation in the brain.  All there really is, in this Universe, is the present moment, the now.  In order to experience the now you must stop the mind from putting your thoughts in the past or in the future.  You must accept the present moment as your only reality.

By being present you are the one with the power, when you open carry it is the cop that must react.  You are no longer resisting,  but being pro-active, the table is turned.  Imagine if this year we all decide to open carry all of the time, what could the authority do beside acquiesce?  Look at what the marijuana users accomplished.

A hundred million Americans use marijuana on a regular basis even though it was illegal, now it is now becoming legal because the power structure eventually had to align itself with reality of the will of the people.  We the people lead the authorities by the nose if we act in the now for our in freedom.  We are leading, gun sales are through the roof, Americans are buying guns like crazy and this is very, very good, because you can never have to many guns.  Buy guns and ammo until both hands bleed, that is how you exercise freedom.

This is why acting as if you have freedom in the present is so important, because it changes everything, the power is now transferred to you from the state when you are in the now.   By being in the now we have freedom. By carrying a gun around town all of the time, you have exercised your freedom to own and bear arms.  Forget what the law says, forget what the Constitution said, forget what the authorities wish, act in freedom and to hell with them.   Lead by example.

While in the now, when present, you are wired into creativity.   The Jew is never in this state, the Jew lives 100% of the time in his ego and imagined past.  The supremacist Jew is a supreme egoist, we have a decisive edge when we are in the now.

Eckhart Tolle’s popular book the The Power of Now gives us a new perspective to see what is going on with our mind and consciousness.  This book describes enlightenment when you move your mind from temporal space into the now.  No past, no future, just experiencing life in the present moment.

christian identity

Forget all the justifications (just fictions) used to rationalize police behavior in your mind, see the Zionist killer in action in the now.  The Jew is the terrorist entity.  When you encounter a Zionist, kill it in the now, don’t wait for a future opportunity, take care of the problem in the now.  Act, and act decisively, be the new sheriff in town who takes out the aggressor thugs who are rampaging and pillaging our society.

What advantage to the patriot movement is being in the now?  You leave the simulacrum of the Jew, you no longer are in the fabricated past of the Jew, his imagined hurt, and you are no longer in the imagined future of eternal salvation. You are only in the now and in the now and thus can clearly see that the Jew is the one committing crimes against you.  Forget the past, forget the future, and focus on the crime in the present.  BE THE ENFORCER OF JUSTICE IN THE NOW.

Exercise Freedom

You have freedom when you can say anything you want anywhere, not just in a First Amendment zone, but anywhere.  If you can talk to anyone, including a Jew, about the Holohoax, you are exercising freedom of speech in the now.  When you are censored because of fear then you do not have freedom in the now.  Fear kills freedom which is why government stooges stage terror all of the time.  The FBI is the number one terrorist entity in America because they are all whored to the Talmudic terrorists.  Understand that the Torah is a terrorist training manual, where the believer is indoctrinated to kill all as a command of the Jew god.

You have freedom to smoke marijuana when you exercise that freedom, when you act without fear, and smoke your choice of plant, then you have freedom in the now.   Likewise you have freedom to own a gun when you have one in your hand, you have self defense when you carry a gun.  Since political power is from the gun, open carry of firearms is essential to exercising freedom.


When you have a gun in on your person, you now have the right to speak anything you want, or stand anywhere you want, you have the ability to resist the Jew law being imposed on you.  The Jew loses all his power over you when you open carry, you are a free man when you own and carry a gun.  Israeli’s routinely open carry, thus they can move freely around in hostile territory.

A Call to Arms Using the Power of the Now

What is going on is that we are awakening in the Jew hell matrix.  We must end all denials and move our minds into the present moment.  We are not in the 1930’s, we can study what Hitler did, but we need to be present, in the now.  What are we going to do right now, not in the future, but right now?  We have been dealt a hand, what can we do right now to secure freedom?


Alex Jones pedals fear, he skillfully transport your mind into the future prison planet.  As you dwell there it becomes so, because all we have is the now and we are creating reality with our thoughts. If you imagine a bleak future of a prison state gulag, what you are really are doing is living in a mental gulag in the present moment.  Since there is only the now, whatever you imagine you create as your reality.

I have a different strategy.  I say we imagine killing the Jew predators.  We act in the now, we act right now to take our liberty back and how do we do that?   We act in liberty, we open carry firearms and anyone that tries to negate that is dealt the deadly force that comes out of a barrel of the gun.

The right to bear arms exists when you have a gun in your hand.  You exist in liberty when those that want to disarm you are killed in the now.  I imagine hundreds of criminal Jews and cops lined up and being executed, I am not listening to Alex Jonestein, who imagines prisons full of patriots.  I imagine myself as a warrior taking responsibility for this insane society and cleaning it up, one Jew at a time.  There are no good cops, they are all thugs working for a criminal Jewish controlled state.  It’s time to get rid of every single one of these vermin.  Anyone that enforces these laws of the criminally insane ruling class is a god damn traitor and has lost their right to exist.


They might do something in the future.  Who cares.  We open carry in the now.  Anyone that tries to disarm us is rendered  neutral, by disarming or killing.   Want to find the enemy?  Open carry and see what happens, the enforcement arm of the Jew hell matrix will immediately confront you.  America is a target rich environment of Jew and their whores, America is full of Zionist traitors, there are millions of Jew traitors and their sycophants enforcing a matrix of mind control right now.  Want to bag one?  It’s easy, all you have to do is disobey the Jew law, use disobedience as bait.

The hunting season will be good, just look at all the traitors in all the alphashinbet agencies like DHS, FBI, NSA, CIA, TSA, etc.  Look at Zionists liars on the Jewtube, the media whores, political whores, financial whores, everywhere you look there is some Jew or Jew whore being a whore.   Amerikkka is the disgusting land of Jew whores.  The density of targets increases exponentially as you approach the District of Criminals and Jew York City.  Want to find a nest full of Zionist vipers, just look in any Baptist Church, the place where goyim suckups worship Jews as god.

At some point a sudden realization will come, everyone can will start acting, right where they are.  Clean out the infestation in your neighborhood.  Why wait one second longer?  All we have is the now.  Freedom is now, not in the past, not in the future, freedom is had only in the now.  When you act you own freedom, it becomes you when you enforce freedom on those that violate it with the Jewish legal system held together with false flags like Sandy Hook.  Those that aggress against us must be put down like the rabid dogs, there is no other choice but to use guns and destroy the Jew who is the eternal enemy of freedom and hater of the natural world.




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