Our Enemy the Jew



Little Israel controls America which is why we call it Amerika.  Police state Amerika is a result of Jewish control.  Your country has been taken over by Jews, the Jew and the state are now the same thing.  Albert Jay Nock’s famous book Our Enemy the State ought to be renamed Our Enemy the Jew.  What no one knows is that the Jew and the state have always been the same thing, the reason is that belief in Moses the lawgiver is the establishment of the state in your mind, that the state is an outgrowth of law, the state is a nebulous collection of laws and controls administered through courts.

zionist state beast

What no one knows is that the Jew and the state have always been the same thing, the reason is that belief in Moses the lawgiver is the establishment of the state in your mind, that the state is an outgrowth of law, the state is a nebulous collection of laws and controls administered through courts.

Why Jews Rule

When we examine this Jewish takeover of the West, we have to, unfortunately talk about the Bible and Christianity.  How could this tiny minority takeover all of Christiandom?  That seems impossible, but they did it right under our noses practically undetected.  The reason is surreptitious simple, they slithered past your consciousness because of your belief system.  The Jew is camouflaged because of the dominant myth and the belief in Jesus Christ and the Jews as god’s chosen holy ones.  The Jew made it inside the gates by deception, his invisibility cloak was his book.

Every town in America has one or more Christian churches, and now America is Amerika, the police state, this didn’t just happen because corporations took over, those corporations are owned and controlled by Jews.  I wish Mike Rivero would quit saying the “corporate controlled media” because that is an outright deception, it is a Jewish controlled media.  Back on Genesis radio, Mike has rejoined Alex Jones in playing to the Zionist Christian converted Amerika, never talk about the real problem, the Jewish problem, because that is offensive to the Christian audience.

Christians think the Bible is about love, but they are confused, because the Bible is about egoic control using the god meme.  There is no judging god or god demanding your obedience, there is only men in ego consciousness demanding you to obey the law, the law that they write.  God cast no law on us, the Bible is a ruse, there is no external god caring about what we do.  This Jewish god is a ruse, there are Jews ruling, not god.  That should be obvious but apparently not because you are not even willing to talk about it, let alone do something about it.  The dark cloud over Amerika is this system of Jewish control, where criminally insane Jews make law and pass it down.

0000 prayer

This Bible established authority in the minds of people, from this authority the church then modern state evolved, but now the state is beast, for having gathered authority upon itself.  Armed with modern weapons and sophisticated propaganda techniques, where every truth is inverted, the state wages endless war by deception.  Nothing is real anymore, because we are inside the mind of an insane Neanderthal who is applying his tribal book on us.  The Jews have establish territory in your mind, there’s a little Israeli colony in your head, and the Jew is driving you mad, most of you are praying for redemption to a Jewish god while the Jew tears the earth up.

So here we are in 2014, in the middle of a huge world wide Jewish crisis and most commentators won’t even talk about the Jew.  That is cowardly and pathetic, that is insane and suicidal.  It’s the Jews you morons, it’s your damn religion that has you in a spell bound state that you can’t even talk about your own tragedy.  How bad do things have to get before you openly state the traitors amongst us, how many kids have to die in Gaza and elsewhere because you couldn’t find the resolve to say the Jew word?  Say the word Jew, go ahead, say it outloud.  Spell it out.  J. E. W.

Authority Established by the Bible

Why have most people given up and are spineless sheeple, totally caving into the criminal institutions that parasite off of us?  Why don’t you fight back?  Why don’t you investigate what is really going on?  The reason is that the individual is conquered and owned when they believe in authority.


How is this authority established?  By school indoctrination and Bible study.  If you ever gain consciousness again, you might realize that an authentic holy book would tell you to remain autonomous and instruct you not to be a ward of the state.  An authentic holy book would instruct you how to be an individual and avoid all the pitfalls of control.  Freedom and holy should be synonyms, but with the Bible holy is demonic because holy is associated with Yahweh and Jew.


What no one tells you is that this criminal deadly pyramid of hierarchical power is all achieved by the holy book you read.  If you never read the Bible you would never submit to the police man, you wouldn’t even recognize him or his assertion of authority. You would see the police as dangerous armed thugs asserting authority which they don’t have.  But you don’t see the police that way, you run to the police for help when you should be running away and getting a gun so that you are on equal footing with these degenerate whores of state.

The courts and police and law are all foreign to a free human being.  No normal human, raised outside of this deep dark demonic pool of Biblical indoctrination would ever voluntarily consent to outside authority.  It is only new heathen anarchist or the dirty godless hippie or the bohemian artist that has any chance to even have an inkling that something is amiss, like your freedom.  All art is resistance to the Jew Borg hive mind fascist monotheistic culture that has your mind in lockdown as they pry taxes from you because you happen to use the fraudulent money they circulate.

The free thinker and the pot smoking hippie, who openly defies the law, are your only hope.  With them you can actually see something that resembles freedom as you climb into your bloated SUV gas hog, and travel to your air conditioned domicile (cage) and pay dozens of bill and taxes that the system throws at you monthly.  We are so far gone, that we accept our slavery with false smiles and then go to church and ask Jesus to forgive us for being alive.  This Amerikan kulture is a gigantic Jew open air Zombified death cult prison.  It’s not worth saving, and I say if we have to burn it to the ground while we rid ourselves of the Jew parasite.  It is an acceptable loss, because it is no loss, it is freedom from the shackles of  Jewish parasitism, the tree of liberty must be renewed at any cost, and if some blood is spilled so what, look at how much blood is already being spilled, what is worth saving in a slave system?

It’s that bad folks, we are in a Jew hell caused by reading the Bible and you can’t see it, you think being holy is godly, it is the cause of the bloodshed and depravity.  Every bomb that rains down on the hapless Palestinians was delivered by the belief in the loving god of Jesus.  The Jew is right in your face killing innocent women and children, he is on the Jewtube spewing his lies of hatred for all, and you do nothing.  Well, how about you start doing something, get rid of the god damn Jew book you have in your hands, nothing in this Universe forces you to hold it let alone read it.

So how exactly did the Jew manage to swindle you out of your most precious gift of being alive?  His book.  The Jew got your mind trapped in his collective ego with his holy book.  You are now the property of the Jew, you fight the Jew wars, you believe the Jew lies on the Jewtube, you agree to the injustice in Palestine because you are a warrior for the Jew – all of it only possible by belief in the Bible.   You can’t believe that the Bible is your mortal enemy because most of you have failed to actually read and comprehend what the actual message is in this evil book, well here is all the proof you need, Romans 13:

Submission to Governing Authorities

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

Perhaps someday when everything lay in ruins, everything is completely polluted and radioactive, where the Jewish civilization has left nothing alive but tortured slaves, that you might actually start to realize that something is terribly wrong with this Western culture and everyone around you.  Normal people should frighten you like the Zombies they are.  The Bible culture is for dead people who drone on through meaningless days of work on the Jew money plantation.  The Jew even makes hundreds of Zombie movies, making a fistfuls of money from your ignorance.  What do you see in those movies, Zombies being mowed down, those Zombies are the people of this culture and everyone agrees the Zombies should be mowed down.  Why?  Because Zombies are already dead.

Perhaps someday, as an act of resistance and out of pure love, you start trashing every Bible you can find.  You can start right now, and take action against this insane Christ culture by disposing of their Jew book.  Could you do that please?  Can you actually rip a Bible in two and toss it into a dumpster?  I dare you to throw a Bible away, such an act is of tremendous significance in the Holographic Universe, you are symbolically telling the Universe that you are done being a Jew slave, the Universe will read your intention and give you your next task, killing the descendants of that evil book.

But you can’t trash the Holy Bible because deep inside of your being you are in a deep state of paralyzing fear that there might actually be a god measuring out eternal punishment in hell.  You can’t go against Jesus your savior, you are stuck in the morass of the Jewish spell book, they got you good.  Oh they got you good and now your culture is ruin, your nation states bankrupt, you morality trashed, your politicians and military men whored the the Jewish beast of conquest.

Basis of Law is Torah Authority

So if you are wondering how the Jews managed to control us through laws and managed to take over, one reason is that law (gift of Moses) is a Jewish idea.  The way external authority is established is to teach the god meme, god gave the Jew the law, so obey, to not obey is to disobey god.  But this is patently false, no creator god that made everything free would issue such commands.  Are not all of the plants and animals free, then why are you not free?  The individual is taught a false idea, god, and this god is the creator and supreme and this deity needs your loyalty and obedience, both of which just happen to match exactly what the state wishes in a good loyal obedient slave.

Thus god and state are the same thing, and since everyone in the west believes in a Jewish god; god, state, and Jew are the same thing.  As the Jews took over the changed the state from benign to totalitarian and welfare.  The welfare state is a totalitarian state is Jewish state parasitism.  The Jew is a parasitic Neanderthal Ape, he can only rule because you believe in him as godly and divine.  He isn’t, he is a disgusting hellion ruled by depraved thoughts of conquest.  The Jew, being lazy and a con artist, devises clever ways to freeload off the system.

The Germans copied this total authority state under Hitler, this drove the Jews mad, because the Jew is a jealous god who will not tolerate any copycat totalitarian states for other tribes unless the Jew controls that state.  It’s like the Jews have a never ending patent on statism, only the Jew is allowed to rule with mechanisms of state.  The biggest fear of the Jew is that you organize a state against them, like Hitler did.  Can you imagine a state organized around resisting Jewish rule and doesn’t use Jew money?  Oh yeah, Iran.

So do you want to scare the hell out of the Jew?  Get a copy of Mein Kampf and carry it around.  Get a t-shirt with a quote from Adolf plastered in big black letters on it.  Do you really want to scare the bejeezus out of your fellow Christian sheeple slave?  Get a Bible and curse it and throw it to the ground and stomp on it right in front of their frozen in horror face.  The problem with the Jew is you, you believe in Jewish logic because of the Bible, you beleeeeeeve the bullshit in the Bible because you bought the god meme – it was your immature soul that got your ego trapped, you signed on to the system of control thinking justice would be served.  How do you like it now dear Christian, do you see justice or total barbarity?

Stomping on the Jew Bible can be real shock to a Christian slave.  The Christian and Jew would take offense to such an act as if you offended God himself, that is because “god” is the collective ego of the Jew and Christian control freaks.  Well that god ain’t there, just take a look around, do you see god?   Do you see a good society based on godly principles or can you see a bunch of deceived degenerates waving the Star of David and bombing every living thing into rubble?

Totalitarianism, the Gift of the Jew

In the last century the world has suffered totalitarian states, the worst was the Communist revolutions like the Bolsheviks under Stalin.  This extreme use of state force against the individual is a hallmark of Jewish thinking, the Rabbinic class tolerates no dissent, all must obey or die.  We don’t need this archaic tribal philosophy, we don’t want what the Jew wants, the Jew doesn’t represent us, THUS WE CAN’T HAVE JEWS IN GOVERNMENT.

It is the Jew that wants you disarmed and the reason is very clear, then you can no longer resist Jewish treachery.  Never give your gun to the Jew (or the cop), only kill the Jew and the cop.  Your gun is your only hope of having anything like freedom, the gun is the tool of freedom, with the gun you can take your freedom back from the Jew.  How do you do this?  You put a bullet in the gun, you aim the gun at the Jew head, you pull the trigger and blow the god damn Jew head off of the Jew.  That is far easier than using a guillotine or stringing a Jew up on a lamp post.  The gun is an efficient tool in offing the Jew Ape.  They are openly murdering us and you are afraid of talking about defending yourself from these criminals.


The Jew is already running a totalitarian death camp, we have the biggest war machine and prison state in the history of mankind  If you doubt this totalitarian argument, try not paying taxes or showing up in court, the response will be over the top, guns and death.  The state is completely insanely jealous of its totalitarian power, you do not have the right not to play along.  You must obey or else, they take their parasitic power very seriously which is why they must be destroyed, we don’t need their stinkin’ badges, freedom requires no license or permission slip.

The result of this state monopoly, especially with money, then the Jews gained control of the money and were able to subvert and bribe their way in the door and take everything over.  The Jews then managed to get rid of the gold backing, and with fiat money and debt the Jew was able to build a financial and military empire. You were co-opted all along you thought god was in control and unconcerned on how your nation was being subverted by the Jew within.  You can never let the Jew past your border, for the Jew will certainly set up shop and destroy everything.  America’s doom was sealed when they let the Jews off the boat.

Once people were indoctrinated into god and authority, they forgot what it was like to be free, and the state was able to incrementally take more and more freedoms until now where the state has absolute power.  All the while you stood down, completely spell bound by the memes, like a deer frozen in the headlights of an onrushing car, the Jew is rolling in the DHS tanks into your town, buying up all the ammo, and you do nothing.  So we if are to be free we must overcome the ideas that enslaved us, you must overcome the trap of the ego, belief in the Bible and external authority.

The Bible is not true or good, the god described is evil, the prescription of obedience is the problem.  The churches were given tax free status because they indoctrinated the masses into the sheep of the state.  Religion is given tax free status, the same as the state, the reason might be that the church birthed the state, and the state gives religion this same privilege.  You were made a serf by clever use of myth, no one has the right to control you, the Jew has no right to tell you anything, the Jew’s are swine not chosen like they say.  How can you possible view a Jew as divinity?  Are you not paying attention to what the Jew does?

Our Enemy the Jew

If mankind is to survive, if humanity is to survive the state, then the Jew has to go.  What I mean by that is the Jew is a deadly contagion that has subverted the state to Jewish totalitarian thinking patterns.  The Jew is killing hundreds of millions with his revolutions, false flags, lies, contrived wars, medicines, and now flying robots.  Do you think its ok that the skies are filled with spy satellites and drones.  Where did we agree to this?  We didn’t, it is only the arrogant Jew who has appointed himself as our god and overseer, now the Jew is flying around the sky spying on us like God.


I think the likelihood of political catastrophe to be extremely high, that we are facing doomsday by the hand of the Jew, thus we as a specie are facing extinction because of Mr. Jew Ape.  My job is to convince you of that fact, show you what is going on so that you can make a rational decisions for your people’s survival.  In order for the human specie to survive there must be a real Holocaust (which is why the Jew projects his fear at us, knowing that it is coming because of what he is doing).  The Jew knows exactly what he is doing and does it anyways, he gets 94% of the DHS grants and is using that stolen money to fortify his synagogues.  Well Mr. Jew I got some Molotov cocktails for you.

Sounds extreme but think, think people think.  The Jew was willing to invent the Holocaust story, brainwash the entire world, defame Germany then extort billions from the very same people damned by the Jew.  That alone should make you want to pick up a gun and start killing every god damn Jew.  Well dear reader, get ready because the world is starting to come out of the Bible trance, out of the propaganda matrix, millions of people are waking up, their lives ruined by the wars and economic policies of the Jews, and when they find out that the Jews did 911, that Jews lied us into the wars, that Jews lied to them about their holy book, there is going to hell to pay.

I pray to God Almighty that I may lead this wave of righteous justice on the Jew.

So what are you going to do when you lose your house and job in this current depression?  You must find the resolve, you must find the wild in your being, recover from Bible pussy training, you must become the warrior and no longer be the sheep and slave of the Jew.  So not only do we need to wake up we must transform back into our earlier warrior real selves.  You must be activated, that is what I AM doing now, activating you and telling you what must be done.  Burn the Bible, tell authority to fuck off, lock and load and sharpen your knives.

The Jew must be removed from state, it would be nice if the state was removed, but with 7 billion people on the planet I can’t see how we can have a stateless society anytime soon.  People need to be out of ego consciousness for earth to be government free.  Our enemy is the state, and the state has become our deadly enemy because the Jew now controls government, and the Jew only thinks in term of totalitarian obedience and is willing to do anything to get you to obey.

No one has any authority over you unless you give it to them, no Jew has authority over you, the Jew is a maligned Ape specie, a Neanderthal throwback that Nature tried to extinct.  That is our job, we must finish off this errant specie or we are doomed.  You might think these words extreme but just take a look at Gaza, look at what the Jew Neanderthal Ape is capable of, genocide of all non Jews – you are marked for not being a Jew.  You are the Palestinian, do not lose heart, let the rage boil up in your being, we will destroy the Jew.

In the near future, as the Jew brings hell upon your society, you will change your mind, you are changing your mind now.  The Jew is the enemy, he hates us, he hates our liberty and freedom. to hell with the Jew, it is time folks, it is time to send the god damn Jew Apes back to hell.  Ready, aim, fire!!!




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