The New World State of Harmony Awaits Us



As the world awakens and emerges from the ruins of Jewish caused chaos, a state of harmony will naturally arise with the evaporation of Jewish control.  Humanity connected by the speed of the internet is overcoming Jewish treachery and organizing itself against Jewish predation with new memes.  The world is rapidly self-organizing as a superstate of humanities greater consciousness, the Jews will lose control and we will take control of our world from the Jewish predator race.  Most humans are gentle and sane and the world will morph instantly back to harmony once the Jew is gone.

Overcoming the Jewish Memes

You are being controlled by words, symbols, language … in other world, memes, those replicating ideas that rule your mind.  Early human civilizations formed pyramidal control systems – those with the knowledge, the education, the control of the language ruled.  The internet is rapidly overcoming that system, now anyone can rule the memes, the current world order is already being swept away as a tsunami of new information overturns the matrix of Jewish thought control.

Memetic evolution is going to overcome Jewish thought control, the world is going to figure out the Jew game and overcome their tricks.  For instance, if Judaism is viewed as myth, or even as bad myth, the power of the Jewish god like power will diminish.  The Jew is nothing without his god, so if you want the Jew to go away why keep empowering the Jew with your beliefs in a Jewish savior?  Once you see the Jew for what he really his, then his game won’t work, because like any parasite, the Jew can only exist in your society camouflaged.  This is why the Jews work so hard on preventing you from talking about them.

Jews attack Liberty

If I don’t believe in the god meme, those that control us must invent a new excuse why they have the right to rule.  Their divine right to rule must become rationalized.  What do they have?  What rationale can they use to say they have the right to rule us?  If we don’t swallow the god meme then they can’t wave Romans 13 in our face and say obey the authority god placed above us, we need a real reason to justify the authority placed in our minds, but there is no real reason and can never be one.  They say they are elected, but they have cheated on elections with money, and electronic voting machine with computer back doors.

They are now using terror and fear to control us, but eventually you will only take so much before you rebel against their terror.  The reality is they have no authority because every person is sovereign with free will.  Group authority is a sham, especially when it is corrupted, which is inevitable result of consolidating power.  Power absolutely corrupts even the most respectable honorable system of government. The perfect example is the American national behemoth with a Constitution that was meant to limit state power.

The state can never be trusted with a monopoly on the use of force, thus I choose to keep my guns and keep them aimed at the statist liars who make the false claim they have the right to rule us.  No one corrupt has the right to rule you!  The state is now so completely corrupt, they allowed the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans by Israel on 911.  Both political parties are controlled by the Jews, both are completely corrupt, fewer and fewer are being fooled by the left-right paradigm.


As corruption flourishes, they have no rational reason for their authority, they can project force at us but we will eventually reject their authority from abuse.  911 was treason by the entire Federal entity.  Thus their only choice now is to rule by brute force, without cover of legality they will do what they are doing now, projecting force for no reason and lying about it.  They are now killing us and laughing about it.  That is the inevitable result of power accumulating upon itself, until power becomes it’s own rationale and thus this absolute power structure must be destroyed by any means possible before it is the death of us all.

The New Jew Order is Dead on Arrival

Those indoctrinated are like stubborn mules unable to call America a Jewish power.  Christians love fear mongering because it is just another form of control, you won’t react to the abuse of power if you believe that the depravity of a world run by Jews is inevitable part of God’s plan.  Except there is no god and definitely no plan of a deity, but there are Jewish financial interests controlling the levers of power for their own interest.  The Jews have a plan, not god – and religion keeps you from seeing that obvious fact.

There is this projected fear coming from religious sources concerning the New World Order, like it is some inevitable ending that no one can escape.  Christians refuse to call the New World Order what is really is – the Jewish World Order, they exist in a state of fear because of their own deceit.  Christians are loyal to Jews and thus are unable to grasp who is working them over.  But that deception is rapidly being overcome, the Jews have come to power and their iron fist grip on America is now revealed.  Everyone can now see that AIPAC controls all of the politicians.

jewish power aipac

The Jews are not really all powerful, they are clever in their use of words.  Once you overcome anti-Semitism meme or the Holocaust memes then they have no defense for what they are doing.  Jewish power is projected through the use of lies, and you have the ability to choose to believe the lie or not.  When you choose to believe truth, then the Jew loses and falls from power.  The Jew is the eternal enemy of truth, because Jewish predation only works if you believe the lies they tell, thus we have the real reason why the truth tellers are being attacked as the enemy of state.  Truth is only the enemy of a Jewish or despotic controlled state.

The biggest lie of all time is the Jewish god lie, that the Jews were chosen by an invisible god to rule you.  But this god is a monster, a maniac, you just need to realize the God of the Bible is a Jew.  As the world wakes up to the god delusion, peoples everywhere will reclaim their personal sovereignty.  Only your personal authority exists, the attempt of externalizing your authority was a Jewish deception of taking control of you.  You are owned if you believe.  You are free of Jewish control when you quit believing in the Jewish god.

If God is Sovereign, and if the State is Sovereign, then we can deduce that the State is God and Christianity is state worship.  Who wrote the Christ myth?  Rome.  Makes perfect sense, the state is using myth to get you to obey their power.

Individual Sovereignty

The Jew World Order, or worldwide Zionist predation, is reaching its upward limit now, the latest butchery of defenseless peoples in Gaza exposed the rear flanks of Zionist power – Judaism.  The world is starting to see the Jew as he really is, a butcher, a liar, an racist tribe of extremists and the enemy of all mankind because of their religion.  The Jew is power mad, self obsessed with his self claimed divinity.   But the Jew isn’t god, he is genocidal maniac trying to control the world.  What you must come to see is that the Bible is establishing Jewish divinity in your mind, the Jew is using the Bible as a weapon against you.  The Jew is a god imposter.  Look at how the Jew behaves in Israel, are you impressed or disgusted?

The idea that the Jew is better is nonsense, by any standard of being a human being the Jew fails.  The Jew is really a monster, a heartless terrorist who will kill masses of people just to obtain the goal of increased political power. This idea of the Jews being the chosen ones is a ruse, and this deceit is established by your belief in the Bible.  The Jew uses a wide range of techniques to control us, like false flags, terror, murder, black mail, coercion, and his holy books.  You must overcome all of these, and you must learn that the Jew is the real terrorist, once you do then his game is up.  So, what this really means is that our freedom, and your freedom, depends on you becoming conscious of the Jew.

Terrorism is Jewish Terrorism Blamed on Non-Jewish Actors

Connect the dots, who are the real terrorists within the United States?  Jews.  Not just the Zionists, but Jews because the Jews always defend their own.  Terrorism almost always occur in heavily Jewish populated areas.  It was no accident that the WTC attack on 911 happened in NYC, it is where the Jews control the courts, the police, the fire department.

hunting map for jews within united states

With Sandy Hook, the entire event is staged, a media event.  The terror can be completely wag the dog, a media manufactured event with crisis actors playing traumatized parents, etc.  Laws should be enacted that those who enact terror be charged with terror.  Lying to the public should be made a capital crime – punishable by death.  To overcome the Jewish terror we need new memes that illustrate that terror occurs in Jewish controlled areas, that way the mind can see the Jews as causal to terror.

ZOG vs. Jews

Jews are aggressing against us with their control of the public discourse, but we can fight back by becoming our our creators and refusing to go along with their script by thinking and saying how we really feel.  As our feelings are aired we will find out that most people feel the same way and that the Jew has created a false reality, made us traitors to our own selves, made us alien to our own feelings.  Most people feel as you do but you don’t know that because of the Jewtube.

The Jew is the great imposter, posing as divinity yet secretly acting as a demon.  There is no reason to emulate the Jew or try to be the one true Jew like a Mormon or a Christian Identist.  NO ONE IS CHOSEN.  No one has privilege over the rest of us, this idea of racial supremacy is the problem, not the solution.

Join in with Dynamic Creation

How does the world actually evolve?  It is a self creative process – we collectively create our reality with our thoughts. All it takes is one person, one new thought can change everything.  Every person is potentially the most powerful person on the planet.  Anyone can invent a new meme, make a new discovery, and change the world forever. Darwin changed the world with a new meme of Natural Selection, and the entire world was changed forever.

Darwin’s big idea overturned the Genesis story that ruled out minds for millenia.  Once loosed on the world, that idea can never go away no matter how many Creationist Centers the fundies build.  Darwin is gone but his idea will last forever, and his idea ended the reign of the Bible, although it is taking hundreds of years to topple the Church-State power structure that was built by the Bible, but it will fall because it is false.  With the power of the internet, communication can be so fast that in days that which seemed invincible can be brought down in hours.

The elites need you to stand down while they pump the media with their ideas.  Your thoughts, just as strong as theirs, are a threat to their control.  So what they do is very predictable, they try to limit the spread of your thoughts, they try to restrict what you can say, they want to deny your free speech, they don’t want anyone to upset their apple cart.  Political control is really thought control, and if I write freely what I feel then I have transcended their thought control grid.

Their omnipotent control is really a myth, it only works if you act on their projected fear.  If I am a lead writer taking humanity to better pastures, all I have to do is say what is prohibited, like Abe Foxman is a fat bastard Jewish supremacist.  You supposedly can not say that but I just did.  By writing that and you reading that I just gave your mind permission to think that, then your body can act on that meme.  For instance you might don a Ghillie Suit and justly snipe Abe Foxman and become a great hero of humanity.  By saying what is prohibited we can do what is prohibited, killing the predators who are killing us.

jews total insanity

Abe Foxman is one of the ringleaders of 911, he was in on the mass murder of 911 and the genocide of Arabs that has wounded and killed millions and displaced tens of millions.  Abe Foxman deserves a grisly death, a public hanging for what he has done.  You probably never thought of that, you might, instead be thinking of not being anti-semitic because of fear of the ADL.  You should not fear the ADL, you should only think of destroying the ADL and the rest of Jewry, who are actively working to kill you and your civilization with their Jewish Zionist predatory agenda.

You win if you transcend fear and say what is on your mind.  If you say what you really feel that will negate the predators memes making you feel unsafe.  The government is run by very sick bastards hired by money, who want some economic advantage.  All modern journalists are often referred as ‘presstitutes’ because they take money and write lies for those with money and have agenda.  No one gets paid to write the truth, all mainstream journalists are lying whores partly due to Abe Foxman who has bullied anyone from writing the truth about Jews.

Always be true to thy self, always say and write how you really feel, do not allow pigs like Abe Foxman prevent you from talking about Jew predation, Jew supremacism, Jewish involvement in 911.

Internet Transcendence

The internet is like a giant brain coming conscious, the brain of humanity.  This could result in a new world mind, where we all agree that the Jews must be severely punished for their crimes against humanity.   The Jews are making their final dash for total power but it will fail, the world will be able to figure them out and they will be exposed.  Jewish power ends when the world comes to full consciousness of Jewish predation and tactics.


When Jewish power ends, the world will heal, because the Jews are the source of all of the misery, the false flags, the war, the treachery, the deceit, the evil on this planet.  Harmony awaits a Jew free world.  We have to take back this planet from the Jew and the way we do that is first free our minds from Jewish thinking patterns, and those ideas are the programming we received in parochial training where we were indoctrinated into thinking like a Jew by reading and believing Bible stories about Jews and not about our own tribal heritage.

We need a consensus on banning or prohibiting Jewish books and new laws that prohibit Judaism.  All Jews who committed crimes need prosecution to the full extent of the law, all those that assisted Israel needed to be treated as enemy combatants, we need to clear our minds of the confusion and take back reality.  All we have to do is contain the Jew and the world will heal.  With everyone connected, all countries will now start adopting the same laws to stop Jewish deception through media control, Holocaust programming, false flags, central bank fiat currency, and war.  The new world of harmony awaits us as soon as we become conscious and deal with the Jew.


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