Theistic Pathology for Cops



If you want proof that religion is how the state controls us, then look no further than the ‘Your Divine Rights’ webpage of International Cops for Christ.  The blatant Christian statist propaganda is fully laid bare for all to see, Christianity is a program of enslavement and the logic offered on this website is proof.

There are so many metaphysical mistakes in their statements of fact that they must be exposed.   I have copied this webpage (in pig blue) and made inserted my comments in red:

“Your Divine Rights”

“These are your Divine Rights:
  • You have the right to confess you are a sinner and have broken God’s law – Romans 3:23.  Do You Understand?  There is no sin and God has given us no law – blatant lie based on the assumption of the Bible being the word of God, it is the words of the Rabbinic priests using the god meme to establish external authority.
  • You have the right to know, if you do not receive salvation, every word you have spoken will be used against you on JUDGEMENT DAY- Matthew 12:36-37.  Do You Understand? There’s no Judgment Day no matter how much you want to believe, the courts are the only judging entity, no god is judging us, no god is coming back to judge us at some undetermined future date.  Judgment day is bad myth, because it is being used to judge us right now.
  • You have the right to consult your Holy Bible to insure you are being told the truth – Acts 17:11.  Do You Understand?
  • If you do not have a Bible, one will be provided free of charge.  Do You Understand?
  • You have the right as a sinner, to receive Jesus Christ as your attorney to defend you before the Divine Court of Law – 1 John 2:1. This will ensure that you will have eternal life – John 10:28.  Do You Understand? Jesus never existed, Jesus is not an attorney, he is fictional character in a tale of redemption, if you need an attorney you have to buy or beg the court for one.
  • You have the right at any time to stop this preaching to repent of your sins and to confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Attorney – Romans 10:9-10. If you do not confess Christ, you will be convicted of sin before the Divine Court of Law and face an eternal sentence in Hell – Revelation 20:12-15.  Do You Understand?  There is no hell or eternal punishment – this is blatant fear mongering, no one need repent to god or the Lord, no one can go to a place that doesn’t exist, this monotheistic demand that you confess Christ is pure statism.  Furthermore, the idea of a king or a lord is against the American idea of self rule, no free person should profess a king, whether in this realm or the imaginary one in your mind.

Most people have no idea that God deals with mankind through a Divine legal system, but the bible reveals there is such a system. God’s legal system ends in a trial which is called Judgment Day.  There’s no god as described in the Bible, the Bible is a Jewish propaganda document establishing external authority in your mind so that wealthy men can rule over you with your voluntary compliance, the human written Bible established the legal system, not some mysterious invisible god.

cops for christ propaganda tool of jews

For a trial to be held there has to be a breaking of the law or penal code. In God’s system the penal code is the Ten Commandments, and just as there are penalties for breaking the human law, so there is a penalty for breaking God’s laws. Prison is the place where human law breakers serve their sentence.Jews wrote the Ten Commandments, they were originally temple rules of sacrifice.  No god could give you commands and free will, you either have one or the other, and no just god would threaten you with eternal punishment if you disobeyed his rules.  Amerika is a (theistic driven) police state that jails more people than any other nation in history.

 In the Divine system, the penalty for breaking the law is eternal separation from God in a “prison” called hell -“Depart from me you cursed, into everlasting fire…” Matthew 25:41.  Hell is the very real condition of reading and believing the Jew Bible, we created a living earth hell with our beliefs in the Bible, by believing the misinformation being offered on International Cops for Christ, the Christian cop is instituting Jew hell on free people by the the use of force and the gun.
A person in our society who faces serious criminal charges is called a felon. Anyone charged with a felony would want to be represented before a court of law with the very best attorney they could obtain. A person who breaks God’s law is called a sinner:  All cops are state felons and need to be immediately killed, no person has the right to use force based on some religious text – imagine if gun toting Muslims tried to use force to get you to comply to Islamic law.  We call gun toting Muslims terrorists, likewise all cops who use force are also terrorists because no person has any authority over another.

“Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4.The New Testament is Roman propaganda – the state using religious text to brainwash the citizen into compliance of the wishes of the state.  The theist writers are saying you have to obey the state as if you are obeying god, but god doesn’t exist and thus you don’t have to obey, but should arm yourself against criminals who use the state and it’s monopolistic use of force to murder millions of people.

As in human law, a sinner needs the best attorney possible to be represented before the Divine court. Remember, conviction of sin before the Divine court means eternal punishment – “For the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23. The stakes before the Divine court are extremely high.  There is no judging god, only the judging Jew, the courts are the institutions of the criminal ruling class, there is no such thing as eternal punishment, and the hell we actually experience is the one right now right here because we foolishly believe the Bible.

God knew that no one could represent himself before the Divine court because all have sinned (committed felonies) and come short of the glory of God. Everyone has broken God’s law and deserves punishment. (What bullshit!  We are not guilty for being born you fucking asshole!) God loves you and is not willing that you should be separated from Him in hell. Because of God’s love for you, He sent Jesus Christ to be your personal Advocate, Defense attorney:

“If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous” 1 John 2:1.

Jesus Christ is not only willing to defend you before the Divine court of law, but He loves you so much that on the cross He died and took the full penalty for all your sins.

no one can die for your sins

The idea that Jesus (the Jew Zeus) died on the cross because of the father’s judgment is one of the most evil ideas of all time.  You should not obey or worship such a god, you should not want to spend eternity with such a demonic entity.  Luckily, this god is fiction and only bad myth. 

How cynical one must be to think that this God loves us so much he KILLED himself.  This is really sick Jewish theology, a blood based death cult.  No one needs to die for love to be love, if there was such a thing we call god then it wouldn’t have to hang on a cross for our sins, the omniscient god would have never judged us in the first place.

No god is judging you, there’s no such thing as divine laws that we must obey, there is no Jewish god called Yahweh or Jehovah, the Jew who invented these mind memes are deranged lunatics.  There is no hell or afterlife punishment, and you don’t need to saved by a Jewish savior – you only need to be saved from Jewish propaganda.  It is the theist and their agents of state that need to jailed, or better yet killed.

Although Jesus Christ wants to be your Advocate, He is far different than any human attorney. The bible says that He is also the Judge:
“…but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” John 5:22. Christian claim Jesus is love, yet love can not judge, thus Christians have equated two antithetical ideas, judgment and love are polar opposite, thus Christianity is the most evil religion because they has equated judgmental Jewish hate as the highest love, and they have created a literal hell on earth with this theology.

On the cross, He took all your sins:
“Who his own self bare our sins in his own body” 1 Peter2:24.  NT propaganda that god killed himself on the cross for his own judgment, when an omnipotent deity could of just forgiven you without all the drama.  Jesus never existed, no one can die for your sins, the New Testament memes of bloody redemption is just more Jew evil cast into your mind.

He shed His blood for you:
“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins” Ephesians 1:7.

Jesus Christ died in your place:
“…that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man” Hebrews 2:9.

Because of Jesus, you can be reconciled with God:
“God was in Christ, reconciling the -world unto himself…”‘ 2 Corinthians 5:19.

Quoting the Bible doesn’t make truth, it is circular reasoning based on the assumption that the book is literally true.

In modern terms, Jesus Christ took the “rap” for your sin. Christ is the judge who loved you so much that He stepped down as judge to defend you. He is the Advocate who loves you so much that He offered Himself in your place. He became a felon for you:

“For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him” 2 Corinthians 5:21.

Before God’s court of law, Christ has done everything for you. Now your part is to repent of sin and by an act of faith completely trust Jesus Christ as your Advocate. God will never violate your will and force you to receive Christ; however, nothing but faith in Christ as your Lord and Advocate will pardon you from the punishment of the Divine law. Do you understand?

Yeah, I do fully understand this demented faulty logic you are offering here, there is no Christ, there is no sin, there is no judging god, I do not need redemption from your imaginary god, what I need is protection from you because you are willing to use deadly force to get me to subscribe to your system!

Right now you can exercise your Divine rights and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Advocate. If you realize you sinned and broken God’s law and you need Jesus Christ as your Advocate, now is the time to come to God in prayer. God will accept everyone who calls upon Jesus Christ

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13

With a simple prayer from your heart to God, you can be reconciled with God. A prayer such as this: God I confess that I have broken your law and sinned against you. I realize Jesus Christ shed His blood and died for my sins. I now repent of my sin and completely trust Jesus Christ as my Lord and Advocate. Because of Jesus, I’m reconciled to you and no longer face separation from you in hell. Thank you for loving me and sending Jesus as my Lord and Advocate.”  No one need confess to god or your subconscious mind which is pretending to be god.  This website call ‘International Cops for Christ’ proves that religion is a tool of state that blatantly lays out the propaganda of the slave religion called Christianity.

Christianity is Judaism for Gentiles (non-Jews).  Believe this bullshit at your peril, because if you get converted to Christ you become the slave of the Jew and are voluntarily allowing the Jew to use you in his mad power grab of world domination.

All Jews  and all Jewish holy books must be destroyed, all non-Jews who do the bidding of the Jew are justly called Jew whores and shall also be put to death.  There is no excuse for helping the Jew, the Jew is evil, the Jew god is evil, the Holy Bible is not holy at all, it is evil, and the proof is that the world created by this belief system is an evil Jew hell.

No person has any authority over another, and those people called cops who tote the gun for the Jew are just as guilty as the Jew.  We are free people and as an American have a right to freedom, my liberty allows me to use the gun against the agents of state. 
So all you cops who read this, you are hearby notified that we have the right of self defense and we have the right to kill you if you try to force us to comply to your criminal Jewish legal system.  You must stand down and stop enforcing Jew theology on us!

Yukon Jack as the High Plains Drifter


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