Good Luck Hillary, Don’t Blow It


don't blow it hillary

We are witnessing the final days in the White House of the Clinton Dynasty, Hillary will be soundly defeated and Jeb Bush will take the Presidency in 2016.  Hellery will be rejected by an enraged populace and leave office totally humiliated and disgraced, her legacy a trail of dead corpses and bad social policies.


No one should shed a tear for this horrible woman, a Jewish shill if not a crypto Jew.  Freedom can no longer tolerate this crazed collectivist warmongering bitch wife of Bill.  She’s the number one AIPAC shill, CFR agent, sell out to the Jewish World Order.  Hellery is an enemy of the American people.

Hellery Clinton plotting evil like the Jew

She married Bill who cheated on her continuously, by like many Jewish women, she stuck by her man of power and rose to the top of the Jewish political cesspool.  Hillary has as much integrity as a cockroach, she’s loyal to money and power and doesn’t give a damn about the nation.  America can rot and Hellery will laugh all the way to bank, yelling “Fools!”.


As time progressed, Hillary became uglier and uglier, her badness came to the surface, her face could not hide her wickedness.  She’s so ugly, she’s fugly, can you imagine choking down a Big Mac and seeing her on the tele screen?  “My fellow Americans, tonight I have ordered drone strikes on anyone opposed to my Marxist policies.”


Hellery has high negative ratings and has little chance to be President, especially when up against another Bush.  America will vote for Jeb over her.  Jeb is just as bad, if not worse, but Jeb doesn’t have her negative ratings.  Americans hate the hell bitch from Ar-Kansas.  Hellery is a bad name, Jeb a good country boy name.  Jimmy Carter and Jeb Bush, such down ho names, reminds one of being on the farm.


As Hillary’s popularity continues to plummet, you can expect Jeb to take the Republican nomination, then the nation’s fate will be sealed – another Bush as President.  Daddy Bush said three years ago that he’d like to see another son be President.

hillary and jew kerry

The choice between two great evils is no choice at all, voting is the most damned thing you can do, you encourage these statist parasites to keep looting and destroying the nation and the rest of the world.  We shouldn’t vote for Hillary or Jeb or any Jew whore.  Never vote Jew.  Never, never vote for a Jew or a hidden Jew, they are everywhere.

clinton-bush PREDICT THE WINNER 2016

And just who is the father of Chelsea?  Bill was so busy with interns and dress strains how could he notice what she was doing with Vince Foster.  I’d like to see a DNA test done to determine who the Jewish father of Hillary’s spawn might be, or maybe Hillary is the source of Chelsea’s obvious Jewishness.

Celsea Clinton looks very Jewish


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