Unity Consciousness Blocked by the Jew


unity-consciousness BLOCKED BY JEW

Humanity will eventually reach unity and probably in this century.  The only thing preventing unity right now is the Jew.  The Jew thwarts humanities ever upward conscious evolvment and thus all the world’s people must unite to fight the Jew.  We are not enemies of one another, only the Jew which by his own definition is not us.

unity consciousness blocked by jew

The Jew is unique in his exclusionary religion, the Jew has defined himself as not us.  We should take the Jew at his word, and eliminate this predatory race of hominids while we still can.  The Jew has one ultimate goal;  to take over the world, to rule over all, to subjugate all to his will.  The Jew wishes to be God, your god, and the Jew is achieving this because everyone believes his book.


The Jew wishes to achieve unity consciousness inside the myth that the Jew is a divine spiritual being, superior to all other races, the only race worthy of life.  Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in Israel make statements like this all of the time, they must actually believe it.  So how can humanity achieve unity consciousness when Jews control the media and state?


The concept of unity is actually from religion, we are all one.  How is that possible?  The theory goes like this, we are all one soul, this one soul is god, that differentiates when we incarnate individually.  As human consciousness increases we move toward soul unity.  I am not trying to promote this idea, it is only an observation of current trends and history.  I have no proof of a soul or collective soul, but such a concept is widely promoted by religion in the East and West.

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson quote

The problem is that the Jew believes his soul is the only soul that matters.  Many Jewish Rabbis believe that their soul is the only soul, and that Goyim or Gentiles do not have a soul!  This is nonsense, if souls exist then we all have a soul, including animals and all life.  Logic dictates that divinity penetrates all creation, the theory states that ‘god’ experiences life through us.  Thus all have souls and only a depraved mind would claim divinity amongst the incarnated souls.

chabad-rebbe-only jewish soul counts

This thought about themselves manifests into the physical realm, proof is how the IDF soldier treats the Palestinian.  The invader Jew (who also is a Jewish imposter) treats the native as if the person is not human.  The Jew holding the gun in the face of a child is obviously the non-human in the equation, the Jew has no right to even being inside Palestine in the first place, let alone genociding the previous inhabitants.

evil IDF soldier inhuman Jew asshole

But the Jew believes he is doing the right thing, the holy thing.  The Jew is unified, defying the entire world, killing your soul as the Jew achieves his soul unity at the expense of yours.


The Jew believes he is obeying God and he has a book that every Christian agrees with, the Holy Bible.  So what is the real problem here?  The Jew or his book or your belief in the Jew and his book?  The Jew is a tiny minority, the Christian world is gigantic, so how is it that Jews can act with impunity and block unity consciousness?

Thus we have the hell demon of Bibi Satanyahu tearing up the world as he acts out the Bible memes of superiority and domination.  Hell has been brought to earth via this man, and many Christians love this man, our Congress can’t clap hard enough for him.  The situation is unbelievable, the world is being shredded right before our eyes because of an ancient book.


Christianity is in on it with the Jew.  Take the Ritual of Baptism for instance, being baptized is the same divisive act that separates the Christian from the damned.  The Christian is saved and you’re going to hell, which is just like the Jewish thought that the Jew is divine and you’re not.  Christians are playing the same destructive and divisive game of the Jew, some Christian Yahweh oriented cults even claim to be the one true Jew.

christian baptism is an act of divisiveness

This separation from the rest of humanity is what the Christian celebrates, they are the wheat being separated from the chaff, they are going to heaven and you are going to hell.  So the Christian is just like the Jew in separation consciousness and thus is indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinians.  The Jew can get away with murder and the Christian will look the other way.


Once a human mind is corrupted by exclusionary memes of a righteous religion, then evil flows freely on planet earth.  The source of this evil is the text, the Holy Bible text, the specific memes of this Jewish book is the plague on earth and that is why it must be treated as a deadly pathogen.  “I’m saved, you’re not”  or “I’m chosen, you’re not”  are the same thing.

Holy Bible-is-the-Root-of-All-Evil

So what are we going to do about the Jew problem, how are we going to unify and establish earth as our peaceful biological home when the Jew is subverting our world?  Simple.  We get rid of the Jew, we eliminate, eradicate, exterminate that which plagues us.  Call the solution E cubed, not just a purge of the Jew from the gene pool, but the total eradication of his thoughts about us.

t-rex jew meets the internet 1

The Jew has to go extinct and take his place along side the T-Rex in the basalt rock formations of a bygone era, no one needs the Jew or his book or his bad behavior.  The Jew is doomed because in a few short years the Zionist project has been exposed over the internet.



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