Poem: Drone Bones



The American death machine drones on, since the end of World War 2, America has killed over 55 million people in endless wars against fictional enemies.  When you have the most effective nuclear arsenal and biggest military, the rest of the world is not a threat, it is an opportunity to use high tech weapons on those that can’t resist.

jews did this death by drones pakistan

Between 2004 to 2013, the Zionist Occupied Government of America, has killed 3213 people in Afghanistan alone.  The Jewish media justifies it, Obama accelerates it, most people ignore it, the death and carnage is out of sight and thus out of mind.  Here is a visual presentation of the Afghanistan drone strikes:


As a way to raise consciousness and awareness of the American State gone stark raving mad, total Talmudic Jew madness turned into public policy, waging war for the Jew, making money for the Jew, and destroying the human soul in the process, I have written a poem for the the drone poem project.

Drone Bones

a poem

by Yukon Jack


America be damned

a nation run by evil Jews

who use freedom and liberty

to kill innocents worldwide.

All based on lies

all based on Jewish war on love

all based on Jewish love of war.

For how can the Jew love?

when the Jew is busy making money

by flying drones

into a villagers mud huts?

Madness made real

no one drones Israel

the biggest nest of vipers and terrorists on planet earth

no one kills the killers

no one drones the Jew

no one drones the Talmud

or the Torah

or the Tyrannosaurus Rabbi

no one even thinks to stop insanity

by stopping the Jew.

The world is insane

a pile of bones reaching towards the heavens

drone bones

all for the greater glory of the Jew.

god at computer pressing smite button drone





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