Prophecy of the Crazy Jews



The last book of the Jew Bible is The Revelation – a strange and depressing convoluted text written by none other than Jesus Christ.  You’d think this supposed Jesus God could have been a little more clear, or maybe the angels that delivered the message to the writer Saint John the Divine were drunk.

Revelation stands out as one of the most terrible prophecies of our future – angels pouring out vials of bad stuff and bazillions of humans being killed by terrible means.   It doesn’t sound like good news coming from a savior god to me.


Christians assure me we are in end times – even though scholars tell us that Revelations was crypted text written near the end of the first century A.D. around the year 96 CE. – after the sacking of Jerusalem, after Josephus penned the first Gospels, after the establishment of the imperial Flavian cult.  It isn’t written by God, it is written by a men describing the first century imperial rule – it is not prophecy at all, it is history written in code.

PBS has an excellent webpage on this, Understanding the Book of Revelation:

“The key to understanding the situation is in the vibrant symbolic language that is so typical of ancient apocalyptic writings. The author viewed the religious and political force of Roman rule as a threat. It is now thought that this arose in Ephesus after the year 89 CE when Domitian instituted a new imperial cult sanctuary dedicated to his family, the Flavian dynasty. It had included his father, Vespasian, who as Roman general led the war against the Jews from 66-69. When the Emperor Nero was killed, Vespasian was summoned from Judea to Rome to become the new Emperor. Vespasian then appointed his elder son, Titus, as the commander of the legions in Judea. It was Titus who led the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. When Vespasian died in 79 CE, Titus became the next Emperor. Titus, however, died just two years later in 81, and this left the empire to Vespasian’s younger son, Domitian. Domitian was known as a strong-willed emperor who tolerated no disagreement with his policies. Nonetheless, there is no clear indication that he consciously tried to persecute Christians for their faith.

For this reason, most scholars now think that the issue revolved around the inauguration of the Flavian imperial cult in Ephesus. The imperial cult was a way of showing loyalty and honor to the Emperor, and was viewed as a public duty of all citizens in a city like Ephesus. Our clearest indication of how this is reflected in Revelation is seen in the description of the two “beasts” from Rev. 13. The first is called “the beast from the sea” who is given his power by Satan himself. He is described as having “seven heads and ten horns,” and people worshipped him (Rev. 13.1-4). Then there is a second, “the beast from the land” who makes every everyone worship the first beast and its “image” (Rev. 13.11-18). The “image” (13.14-15) and the mysterious number “666” (13.18) refer to statues and coins or inscriptions with the emperor’s image and titles. The “beast from the land” probably referred to either the provincial governor of Asia or to the high priest of the imperial cult, who jointly would have overseen the temple and its festivals in Ephesus at just this time.

That the “beast from the sea” is the Emperor himself is made clear in a later passage in Rev. 17, where the symbolism of the seven heads is spelled out.

9 “This calls for a mind that has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated; also, they are seven kings, 10 of whom five have fallen, one is living, and the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain only a little while. 11 As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to destruction. 12 And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13 These are united in yielding their power and authority to the beast; 14 they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them… (Rev. 17.9-14).”

Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her “seven hills” — the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the Emperors of Rome. The “five fallen” refer to the five emperors who have died: Augustus (29 BCE – 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-54) and Nero (54-68). “One has a wound” refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom contemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal wound. The head “who is” refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is “not yet” refers to Titus(79-81). The head that “was but is not” refers to an eighth emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus “forecasting” what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later. This technique is common in apocalyptic literature, and Revelation was probably written sometime during the early 90’s, when Domitian was emperor, or perhaps even after the death of Domitian in 96 CE. By portraying the Emperor and his provincial authorities as “beasts” and henchmen of the dragon, Satan, the author was calling on Christians to refuse to take part in the imperial cult, even at the risk of martyrdom.


Revelations is not what you think, it is not our prophecy – it is programming, holy text written by power mad Jews that manifests our future because of widespread belief.  Contrary to what the believers think, we humans manifest our thoughts and not the other way around.  If you read some ancient curse and then believe it with all your heart and soul – you will manifest that image in your mind.  It’s not “god” doing it to you, you are doing it to you because you have the creative power within you – what you think manifests.


The purpose of the Holy Bible is to establish external authority – you are taught God created the world and has dominion over all life – including your life.  This God is an angry and jealous God, and he will be very angry with you if you disobey HIS commandments.  You are taught to obey this God, this supreme authority, which God manifests his rule as the state.

If you are and atheist, skeptical, or have and high IQ, or maybe you are a truth seeker you might raise an eyebrow or two and see the truth of what is being asserted by Bible text in real life (outside of the myth memes) is the authority of the state and it is the state that judges via the courts if you disobey. A skeptic sees the holy book as a way the state gets voluntary compliance from the subjects.

You might even be bright enough to realize that no one knows what happens when we die – and that all religions that assert that they know are making an unsubstantiated claims to get power over the individual through fear of death.  You might see that the human fearful emotion concerning death is a tool the authority uses to get control.

state worship pledge of allegiance

When religion matured it beget the state – state worship became normalized without the need of the holy text.  The state, now fully in power over religion, discarded the religious authority.  In some nations, religion was outlawed, only state worship allowed.  The supreme leader is then cast as the god, Mao is often painted as the sun king, the sun-god.

mao as the sun god

Christian decry this blatant man worship as God.  But the New Testament is the exact same thing, the Imperial Roman cult wrote it specifically that way, but in code.  The Caesar Titus was written cryptically as Jesus so says Joseph Atwill, in ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ he details how Christians were tricked to worship the Caesar as God, Jesus’s three-year ministry is actually the Roman military campaign in Judea.

Red Ice Radio – Joseph Atwill – Hour 1 – Caesar’s Messiah, The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

caesar's messiah - tricking the christians to worship caesar as god

So what is the Book of Revelation programming code manifesting 2,000 years after the prophetic code was cast into the mass mind?  Apocalyptic destruction centered around Israhell. Who is the leader of this debacle if not Satan himself?  Bibi Netanyahu otherwise appropriately known as Satanyahu.  Yes Netanyahu is Satan, the antichrist in the flesh.


Meet Satan.  Do you know who Satan is in the flesh?  Netanyahu – the false accuser.  Christian leaders love this man devil.  He is the one who is the author of terror, he is the false accuser, he is the one defaming Iran and trying to start WW3.




All the nations around Israel are now destroyed – we are about half way through the text manifest, the Tribulation caused by millions of believing minds voting for psychopathic politicians (GW Bush, et. al) who are making it happen just like it says.

harlot riding the beast is spiritual apostasy of jews the zionist controlling western nation states

The Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction.  It needs to be banned and replace with authentic non-Jewish inspired spiritual text.  Apparently, humans are unable to cope with reality of existence without myth, so the myth should be written in pure love, not the Jewish hate masquerading as love.


No greater evil exists on the earth today than the alignment of Israel with the military superpower America.  The American military machine is the beast destroying nations.  Christians whoreship this alliance, they love Israel and completely ignore the suffering of the native Palestinians and those nations being trampled by the beast.  Fundamentalist Christians universally vote for the Neoconservative or Jewish controlled candidate.


Pastor John Hagee wouldn’t recognize Jesus in the flesh anymore than recognizing the devil, his best friend Satanyahu.  Pastor Hagee has the blood of millions of innocents on his hands, I say he is the false prophet of the antichrist.


Jesus dying on the cross is sickness, the mental illness of the Jew put into the mass Goyim mind.  No God judges you, no hell awaits you, no devils tempt you, no one needs to be saved from sin, there is nothing you can do to separate yourself from your god-ego-subconscious mind.  The Old Testament and New Testament are both terrible books.

all you need is love and to come out of myth


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