remote swimming

You are out on a hike with your lover, you are way back in the woods alongside a river and it is a hot day, you decide to bathe nude.  Is that immoral, is that against the law, how do you feel about bathing nude in a remote location where no other people can view your nudity?

nude sunbathing in greek mythology

I can tell you for a fact that most Christians would not bathe nude in a remote location and almost all hippies would.  Why such a big difference? The answer is obvious, the Christians take the Holy Bible seriously while hippies, who mostly agree with the Bible, do not.


Christians do not act natural, and hippies are trying to act natural.  Nude swimming and sunbathing are some of the most natural things you can do, to prohibit nude swimming is ridiculous.  Your skin is your largest organ and getting sun on all of it is healthy.  So why is it, how could the law prohibit nude swimming and sunbathing?  How is that even possible?





Nudity is the Judaic suppression of your mind.  The culture is under a deep dark Hebrew spell, where we are taught this terrible myth of Adam and Eve becoming ashamed of their bodies because they sinned against god.  Even though the myth is not true – the laws reflect the philosophy of the evil Jew book.


There was no first man that was made from dirt, no first woman from first man’s rib, no god giving prohibitions against eating a certain fruit, no talking snake, no first sin.  None of this Genesis story happened so why the prohibition?  Why does modern man have laws based on a superstitious Jewish book that is proven dead wrong?

Genesis 2:25  New Living Translation
Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame

They sin against God and:

Genesis 3:7  New Living Translation
At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.

adam-and-eve myth source of shame of body

Adam and Eve committed the first sin and became ashamed of their nakedness.  That’s the source of the shame in Western culture for nudity.  This terrible myth has been thoroughly disproven by genetic science – there never was a ‘first’ man.  Humans evolved in a large gene pool, the lowest number of individuals (genetic bottlenecks) was 50,000.

If you were raised nude, like your ancestors, you’d think nothing of it.  You are only offended by nudity because of cultural conditioning.  Think people think!  Nothing is more natural than nudity.  The Jews have taken your mind into their perverted simulacrum – they have you thinking from their evil point of view, Jews have convinced you to hate yourself.

If you hate your body then you hate nudity.  Thus love is the key to accepting nudity.  What this logic implies is that the cultural acceptance of nudity is an indicator of the level of love – a hateful society prohibits nudity.  A hateful society covers up, the Hebrew intolerance for nudity is proof that Jewish based religions are actually hate.

love doesn't hide the body

Back in the day, before Jews took control of men’s minds, everyone was nude.  Wars were fought nude, athletic competitions were nude events.  People walked around nude – except for the upper class of swindlers and the high priests running the bank inside the temple.  What this means without a doubt is that humans were in a higher love vibration in the past – before the evil Jewish religions took over.

high priest at the veil

You have been conditioned to view yourself a certain way.  Clothing is part of the spell.  You have been indoctrinated in a fear based spell of an angry God.  Being naked produces feelings of shame and guilt for Christians.  Jewish laws prohibiting nudity is spell maintenance.

Examine this lower portion of the consciousness chart, what are your feelings for the first time nudity for the shamed?  Fear and anxiety.  It takes courage (much higher) to go nude.


Do an experiment, go to a nude resort and get naked.  At first you’ll be afraid, but when you gather the courage to do it you will automatically move up in consciousness – in fact you will double your vibration from 100 to 200!    After being nude for a few hours the tightness in your gut will go away because it takes much energy to maintain the fear – and as you become comfortable you will move even higher in vibration.


Once again the exact opposite of what the Jew lawyer claims – nudity makes you more moral.  Nudity forces you into higher consciousness.  Nudity is an uncovering of the self – a move toward total honesty. It is only the Jew and his damn laws that keep you in low shameful consciousness, it is the plotting Jew that hides his back stabbing knife within his robes.

The Jew has shit on his brain – he is constantly plotting against his fellow man, he lives by deception, he is interested in stealing your wealth, using your body in a false flagged war, he wants to steal your soul.  The Jew is robed to hide his evil intentions.

This is not a call for nudity – it will take decades if not centuries for the spell to be overcome with the Jews gone.  First we get rid of the Jews and their evil books – then the fear will evaporate and humans will be on the path to spiritual growth again.  Spiritual growth will lead to an increase in vibration and higher consciousness and diminish the need for laws against nudity.


(Note:  This is a short essay on nudity to prove to you that the cultural attitudes toward nudity are formed by Jewish writers who have their minds in the gutter.  I am not advocating nudity, I am not a nudist, I am not trying to get you to be one, I am simply discussing the irrational attitudes that many people have toward nudity – especially nude sunbathing.

Patriots who like my writings are suspicious of my intentions in promoting naturalness, why am I promoting nudity?   I’ve been accused of being a NWO plant, because I say nudity is ok.  I am not Jewish, I am not someone that promotes immorality.  Being nude is not immoral – you were born nude.  Ostensibly, God sees you nude all of the time according to your religion.  God is not against your body – you are – and you shouldn’t be.

Am I not the most voracious writer against the Jewish World Order?  Do I not say repeatedly that we should nuke Israel, destroy all the Jewish temples and books?  I also champion the oppressed, I say we kill the killers.  I do not promote the War of Terror and write against the false flags.  So why am I for nudity?  Because it is the way we really are and what we’ve been taught is Jewish bullshit.)






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