The New Decider: Imperātor Caesar Vladimirus Putin Augustus



Jews will wail again, the new Caesar is coming, because to fight terror you have to go to the source of terror – the criminal state of Jewish only Israel.  Israel is the apex of world-wide terror, it is where the terror war was first conceived, it was where 911 was planned, it is where Jews were trying to establish a New World Order of despotic Talmudic rule.

oh god why have you abandoned us to caesar

The Jewish World Order is now on the chopping block, Putin has made his move into the Levant.  The dream of Greater Israel is in the process of being crushed by the new decider:  Imperātor Caesar Vladimirus Putin Augustus who was crowned on 28 Sep 2015 when at the United Nations General Assembly announced to the world that Russia would no longer tolerate the situation in Syria.


There can be no understating was just happened:  a miracle of miracles.  A good man just put his foot down, and this man is Vladimir Putin, who commands the world’s most formidable military force.  Tears well up in my eyes when I think of his love, his courage, his statesmanship, his character.  Finally something good happened in a world gone to Jew hell.


There is not one doubt in my mind that Putin is the new Caesar, who not only just stopped the Greater Israel project dead in its tracks, but will eventually will descend upon Israel – the source of the world-wide terror grid.  If you are serious about terror then eventually you will be forced to turn your guns on Tel Aviv.

It’s not just the Rothschild banks, the real problem lies in the Jewish holy books.  The world doesn’t understand that the Jewish problem is a Jewish holy book problem.  Moscow probably doesn’t care about Jewish literature, they care about their own national security which is being threatened by the collapse of Syria.  They have decided to fight now instead of waiting for the long planned encirclement.

For those people in the United States, we suffer the same conspiracy, the terror network that is doing Sandy Hooks and other false flags is Jewish.  The last real president JFK gun downed by this criminal network.  The assassination of JFK marked the exact moment we felt the terrible foreboding of the Jewish network who had the power to kill a president and cover it up.


Look at what has happened to the United States in the past 52 years after JFK was assassinated in broad daylight.  The once proud nation is now nothing but a pathetic whore of the Jewish banks, without any resemblance of her former moral authority of peace, economic prosperity and rule of law.  America is now police state Amerika, a crime scene of Jewish decadence and greed.

america whored out to the jewish banks

What America has now become is a whore vassal state of Israel, an insane nation being driven over the cliff by misguided war policies of Israeli first Neoconservatives.  This collapse of our Republic comes as a secret delight to the Christian Zealots who are all to willing to help Jewry take over the world and make prophecy come true.


Putin has ended the end time script of these death cultists – he stands out alone amongst a world run by crazy psychopaths who are worse than Satanists, who are tearing up this world in a Talmudic frenzy.  Putin is the new statesman the will live in infamy, he is he new Caesar just like Vespasian.   He is all to deserving of praise and adoration for what he is doing for this mad world.


The world has a new decider, the world has a new ruler and it isn’t these fake Rothschild cutouts like Obama, it is the new Caesar Vladimir Putin.  Under his leadership the world is reorganizing to crush the insane drive for a unipolar world run out of Tel Aviv by madman Bibi Satanyahu.  Putin deserves credit for this, you should recognize what this man is doing – he is saving you from the very real Jewish Satan.

No bullshit, no time for remorse, it is time to clean up the Jew mess in the Middle East and end the Talmudic Terror War on humanity.   It is the good man Putin who is ending the reign of evil in the Middle East and it is only a matter of time before he descends on Israel because history has established that the Jew is most unreasonable and will never give up.

History repeats, Caesar has entered the Levant, and the Jewish rebellion against decency, morality, and peace will be crushed once again.  ALL HAIL THE NEW CAESAR the one and only Vladimir Putin!

Pic shows: This statue that depicts Putin in a toga has already gone into production and the prototype is currently on display at the local academy of arts. Russian President Vladimir Putin may have upset some people with his Ukrainian activities that led to crippling sanctions, but in his hometown of St Petersburg he is still so popular, they are putting up a statue depicting him as a Roman emperor. The north-western Russian city is the second largest in the country and is also the place where he was born on 7 October 1952, when it was then known as Leningrad. The statue that depicts Putin in a toga has already gone into production and the prototype is currently on display at the local academy of arts. It shows Putin in a classical pose mimicking the same face that would have been used by philosophers of ancient times who dressed similarly in tunics. Project manager Andrey Polyakov said: "We planned for quite a while to do a project like this in honour of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The main thing was that we wanted to do it during his lifetime to say thanks to him for the return of the Crimea to our country. Putin is the state's wisdom, its courage, and its symbol which is embodied in the image of the Emperor that we have created." Sculptor Pavel Greshnikov, 42, said he thought for a long time before deciding what form the statue should take. He said however that as soon as he considered the classic design commonly associated with Roman statues it was clear it was the most appropriate for the personality and achievements of Putin. The final sculpture will be made in bronze and unveiled on 9th May in a ceremony that many hope Putin will also attend. On 9th May Russians celebrate The Victory Day in World War II which thanks to local propaganda is a celebration during which many Russians believe that they defeated the Nazis single-handed. (ends)             



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