Evidence of the Apollo Moon Landings Outside of NASA


kubrick faked moon landing with cleaver photography

The Apollo moon landings were considered the greatest technological achievement at that time of mankind. They are also consider an alleged hoax by well informed people like  film maker Jay Weidner, Bart Sibrel who discuss the ‘faked’ Kubrick admission:

Coast To Coast AM – December 11, 2015 Kubrick & The Faked Moon Footage

Rocket engineer Bill Kaysing has maintained for decades that it is impossible to go to the moon in 1969 and in 2015 we still can’t go.


What evidence do we have, outside of NASA, that humans went to the moon in 1969?  This topic is so important that a Wikipedia page is maintained.  The evidence is sparse at best, according to Wiki the best evidence are the laser reflectors:

Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings

So what are we to conclude in the year 2015 about the evidence presented by both sides of the controversy?   The moon walk was photographed in an earth bound studio by Stanley Kubrick and shown on television while NASA went to the moon and left lots of prints and gear up there.  Both sides have a compelling argument.  So we might conclude both happened.

apollo-landing-sites will be confirmed in the near future

It is only a matter of time before this case is solved, technology is rapidly advancing at a rate where robots will be common on the moon.  Google has an X-Prize challenge


What do we have now by all the other space agencies who have gone to the moon?   The evidence presented that “proves” Apollo is just more bad imagery that proves nothing.  For instance an overhead photo of the Apollo 17 landing site shows lots of tracks of the Astronauts walking and the twin parallel track of the moon buggy.

apollo moon rover evidence shows one way tracks

Convinced that Apollo is real from the above image?  Imagine you are on the moon, in peak physical fitness as a young astronaut and you are taking the most historic walk in human history.  You go for a hike, you leave the lander and go a distance then make the next leg of the triangle but instead of finishing by heading back to the landing site you trudge back in your same tracks!  Bullshit!  No explorer would ever do that!

Former aggressive Navy fighter pilots would not leave these type tracks:


Next you mount the moon dune buggy for a spin on the moon – you drive away from the lander then go back in the exact same track!  No way Jose!  Hell, you’s be tearing up the moon doing donuts at taxpayers expense!  It’s not on your dime. You’d not go to far either, in case you have to hike back – the damn thing might get bogged down in the moon dust or slip into a crater.

Take a good look at the enlarged view – what would you do on the moon?  Drive in straight lines radiating outward from the LEM then double back in the same track?  NO FUCKING WAY!  You’d be making circles around the LEM, keeping an eye on the ticket home.

moon-landing-hoax-NO THIRD PARTY EVIDENCE

Faking the Moon Landing – Stanley Kubrick & NASA’s Noble Lie with Bart Sibrel

The moon landing is nothing but bullshit.  Neck deep bullshit and the public keeps calling out the government – you can’t fool all of the sheep all of the time.  We know NASA and the deep state are lying – just like everything else they lie about.  Apollo footprints are elusive like Bigfoot tracks.

apollo footprints elusive like Biogfoot tracks

We live in a technological era of spy satellites that can see the hairs on your head.  But we can’t get one decent photo of the Apollo debris.  Don’t you think that is a bit fishy?  Why aren’t we getting great third party high res photos of the Apollo sites?

Google’s Satellites Could Soon See Your Face from Space

The moon landing remains a controversy because 45 years later no one has presented evidence from outside of NASA that it really happened.  This just adds to the speculation that it was faked and the evidence now is just as bad as it was then – poor quality photos from orbiting satellites that prove nothing.




2 thoughts on “Evidence of the Apollo Moon Landings Outside of NASA

  1. Walter Bislin

    So they did not what you expect they should should have done on the moon and you don’t know why. Did you consider that they were only a short time there and had to do experiments and collect probes. They where not there to explore the moon. This can be done by robots without risking the life of astronauts.

  2. Jason Brown

    Evidence that we went to the moon isn’t sparse, especially in comparison to the evidence to the contrary, which is none. In fact you have to be a complete retard to believe the conspiracy theories, they would be a millions times more difficult and way more far-fetched than the event they find so impossible to believe. It’s impossible unless you believe the Russians were secretly our partners and that the Cold War was fake as well. Not to mention the entire worldwide scientific community. Those idiot filmmakers aren’t as “well informed” as say, I don’t know, just about every rocket scientist, physicist, geologist, etc on Earth. Hoaxtards are just losers with too much time on their hands and egos bigger than even an astronaut who think they are actually smarter than Stephen Hawking. Since he too is apparently too stupid to realize what their genius intellects have worked out between shifts at Subway. It’s amazing how they will trust nobody with the facts, except for the very people (filmmakers, writers, website owners, and so forth in the conspiracy community) who stand to profit from this “debate”.

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