Is Trump the New Hitler?



I’ve been ordered not to use the “Jew” word anymore.  That’s fine with me.  So can I ask, is Trump the new Hitler?  Really.  That is the question isn’t it?  I’m just a writer asking a simple question based on what I see right in front of my eyes, I see a perfect “wave repeat”.  I see a certain tribe really upset with the election and inauguration of Mr. Trump.  Why would any American be so upset with making America great again?


This essay will not use the “Jew” word.  I am not using the “Jew” word in this essay, I am presenting pictures of our culture taken right off of Google Images and Youtube.  I don’t vote, I am not a Trumpeter, nor am I for the Clintons or Obamas, I think the the state is evil, the Beast of Revelation.  As someone who views the state as demonic, I am only pointing out the obvious wave repeat.


In essay after essay I have detailed more than any other writer on the web how we are in the Apocalypse right now, and it is caused by the Christian right aligned with the Zionist state.  I have shown beyond any doubt that the United States is part of the worldwide beast of Revelation, that the Church created the state and in the end times the state consolidated power and became the beast.

The Apocalypse Unveiled a book by Yukon Jack

I have published a 52 chapter book you can download and read for free online, it’s called The Apocalypse Unveiled, it’s available on and  What I detail is that the Christian hope of a messiah return is a giant force creating the Apocalypse, that this massive thoughtform is manifesting in the now, even though Book of Revelation was written as prophecy of the first century AD.

The Apostles believed that Jesus would return in their lifetimes, Revelation was written by Roman Caesar(s) and it is about Roman rule in that time period.  They wrote prophecy after the fact, Titus is the real Jesus, the New Testament describes a Zealot for authority.  Yes Virginia, Rome wrote the New Testament and Jesus is fiction, Christianity the greatest mind-spell of all time.

I am not for or against Trump, I believe the new President elect has an impossible job of dealing with a planet full of lunatic Apes not far removed from the trees.  The state is force, it can never be made right, someone is always going to get the short end of the stick.  What is important is that Trump is up against “the lobby’ that will never tolerate anything but Israel first.


Ask yourself a very simple question, why would the tribe members in the USA be so upset with Mr. Trump’s rhetoric of making America great again and not being the bully in the world?  Why would any decent human being be against the nation putting itself first?  Mark Dice doesn’t know.  Maybe someone should clue him in on who these people are and why they only tolerate Israel first policies.

all of judea declares war on trump

What did Hitler say about this problem, why was Hitler a National Socialist, why did he make the tribe the enemy of the state?  Until you can answer those questions will you be able to understand the Trump phenomenon and why history is once again repeating itself.

Is not the situation nearly identical, even though we live in a politically correct era and we are not allowed to mention the tribe directly except on the internet.  Are we not being persecuted and genocided by the very same people that Germany faced in the 1930’s?  Is not Trump a wave repeat of the same forces that united the Weimer Republic?

hitler-before-the-reichstag-1939 quote

Although Amerikans are not wheel barrowing loads of dollars to the supermarket, prices have gone way up and conditions were getting desperate for many people – and such a situation is an emotional force that manifests politically.  But is Trump going to get a grip on inflation and the central bank?


The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 1

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 2

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 3

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 4

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 5



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